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3 Best iPhone Apps for Business


Business takes productivity on the move. No matter the business type, one entrepreneur always needs to keep connected and get his or her work done while moving on the feet. iPhones are indeed great tools to keep business owners connected to their employees and getting the job done on move at ease, but that requires few apps to be installed in the iPhone one business owner uses. We have reviewed three basic productivity apps that run great on the iPhones. These are basically office, emailing and cloud storage apps, yet they are much helpful for business people.

iWork Suite

This app we are talking about here does almost all office tasks done. Using the Office app for iPhone, you can view Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations at ease. Depending on what iPhone version you own, the performance might vary but during the tests, it was a pleasant experience all through. Not just viewing but the app is fully bunched with advanced features for editing and enriching files you view using the app. This app is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. There are three apps in the suite – Pages, Numbers and Keynotes; the names depict what these do. However, for only iPad use you might want to choose Office Productivity with higher functionality. It’s free!


Good news is; this pretty nifty and useful email management software comes for free. This is an app developed by Microsoft but they did not make any bad judgment call or partiality as you can tell by using the app for few minutes. This happens to be one of the best email management apps available for iPhones, and especially even more productive if you are an Outlook user for a long time. The Outlook app for iPhone can greatly sync with the iOS calendar and get give you reminders for important business appointments without any trouble. The focused inbox also seemed to be a good feature; this basically shows the important emails in the first screen.

One Drive

You can’t simply afford to waste time on fetching important data form different storages because it’s going to cost you time, and time is money. Instead, keeping them in a cloud storage offers much more convenience. One can pull of any data they need on any device they are carrying, including an iPhone, and work on it. The resultant output will be saved and accessible from all other devices as well. However, the One Drive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft and if you are a Windows computer user, and also an iPhone then for cross platform cloud storage support this would be a better option. Drag and drop your files into the One Drive icon while you are working on a computer, and work on those files on your iPhone while you are on the move. It only takes the software and app installations, nothing else. This cloud storage app for iPhone is completely free. However, additional storage space above the free limit requires few bucks.


We have basically covered the free yet productive iPhone apps. There happens to be plenty more options in the paid app range which you can give a try. For general usage and not much advanced functionality, we recommend you give these three a try.

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