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3 Ways to Save Energy At Work

Maybe you’re a manager trying to reduce overhead costs. Maybe you’re an individual employee just trying to do your part and minimize your carbon footprint. Whatever your reasons for considering an eco-friendly life, here are just a few ways to take your dedication to work with you.

1. Upgrade Your HVAC System

If you’re still using the same HVAC system that was installed in the building when you first bought it in 1973, it’s time to bring your property into the 21st century. It might take a little money upfront to replace your ancient furnaces and air conditioners, but your new models will be much more energy-efficient than their predecessors, so you’ll save money in the long run. You can compare your “before and after” bills to prove it.

2. Replace Your Lights

Use natural sunlight to illuminate your office whenever possible. It’s both strong and free, so opening the windows instead of turning on the lights is a good way to cut down on your utility bills. When interior lights are necessary, think about using energy-efficient bulbs like compact florescent (CFL) ones. They’ll provide the same level of illumination as regular halogen bulbs, but they’ll only generate a fraction of the energy, so they’re much better for Mother Earth. There are many ways to get energy efficient lighting online, but you can save money on your purchase if you use a Home Depot discount code .

3. Unplug Your Machines and Electronics

If you’ve never heard of “vampire power,” it refers to the way that plugged-in devices continue to use energy even when they’re powered off. A lamp isn’t a big deal, but all of your fax machines, vacuum chambers and industrial blenders might be more of a power drain. Unplug everything at night to avoid vampire power driving up your energy bills. You might be surprised at how much you’ve been paying for power that you don’t even use.

These are just a few ways to be more environmentally conscious at work. Whether you’re making small adjustments or big changes, you should be proud of yourself for going green in the first place. Many people don’t bother, but they’ll be the ones holding higher utility bills in the end!

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