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5 Reasons to Convert Word Document to PDF

5 Reasons to Convert Word Document to PDF

Microsoft Word is one of the most well-known word processors available today. However, most of its users benefit from online PDF converters to convert their Word document to PDF. This is because Word documents can be altered while PDF files can’t be tampered with. There are hardly any people who are not using PDF files anymore.

If you are uninformed of the benefits of converting Word to PDF, then we have your back! We will be giving you five reasons why you should convert your Word document to PDF files. Read further to realize how PDF files work and what benefits it offers to all users. 

Visual Elements are Preserved

PDF format cleverly keeps every visual element made in other documents before you convert Word to PDF. This only means that all your graphics, images, texts, graphics, and fonts created in your file will be easily converted in your newly converted PDF file.

This is one of the main reasons people use PDFs because using MS word will reform them when opened on various computers. Even when you are using a different printer but the same computer, you would still have to reformat, and your time and effort will be lost. To avoid having to reformat your file, you should opt to convert your Word document into a PDF file. Once you have done this, you may still wish to learn How to compare documents using Draftable so that you are able to check and make sure that nothing has changed as a result and, if it has, you will be able to go back and fix this before sending the final document off.

True Portability and Mobility

If you require software that would read different PDF files, then you are in luck! There are many excellent PDF readers out there, and one example is PDF Bear, a free web-based converter tool that offers a lot of handy features. PDF Bear can be used to read any file anywhere and anytime you want. There are also PDF creations tools that are uncomplicated to use as a printer.

Most people are moving their operations to mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, or smartphones, and you must not fall behind. One of the main reasons most people choose to convert their files to PDF is that PDF files are easy to access just by using apps that usually do not cost you anything. 

Interactive Actions Supported by the Format

There are a lot of interactive functions that you can insert on your PDF files such as markup, movies, hyperlinks, file attachments, text notes, and music that are competently supported by a PDF file. Also, interactive forms can be effortlessly combined that would be able to import and export data upon request.

High-Level File Encryption Support

One major factor that PDF files are widely used in today’s world is that because it supports data encryption, your file is protected, and no one else will be able to have access to them but you. It also offers a secure and safe approach to move data over the internet. 

“User Access” level can be personalized if you ever feel the need to do it. One way of confirming a PDF file’s authenticity is a digital signature. You won’t worry about losing your data and files to a third party because the security level that it bestows on your documents is very high. Any forms of malicious programs such as viruses or any other forms of malware would not be able to infect your file’s security and safety.

File Compression

Choosing to convert your Word document to PDF will enable you to have the ability to compress your files from raw data files that have been made. This is very helpful in files that have visual elements. This format can attain a compression level somewhere in the middle of 2:1 to 8:1, which reduces your file size further without losing the quality. You can also split, merge, delete pages, repair, and add number pages on your PDF file. One converter tool that can do all these is PDF Bear.


These are just some of the reasons why PDF files are much better compared to Word documents. So, if you are looking for an efficient way of converting your files from Word to PDF, then PDF Bear is what you are looking for.

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