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Apex Legends Hacks, Tips & Tricks to Play Better!

Apex Legends is one of EA’s most ambitious titles in the Battle Royale genre. This game boasts several different characters with unique active and passive abilities enabling and accommodating various playstyles for rookies and veterans. 

The game starts with an airdrop, and here are some Apex legends hacks to help you get started and play better. If you want some external help, you can click here and get signed up at

As for now, let us discuss some hacks, tips and tricks to help you in making your game better. 

Pick your legend

Apex has a massive roster of playable characters with varying passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. All the characters move at the same speed and can pick up any gear. It is advised that you give each character a spin and make a pick according to your playstyle. 

Once you have decided on the legend you will be playing with, stick with it. Your main legend will help you get accustomed to the map and the surroundings. You will become apt at dealing with other players once you are comfortable in your legend’s skin.

Planning your drop

The match starts with a drop, and one of the teammates is assigned as the Jumpmaster. While in flight, you can make use of the ‘free look’ function to scout the map and get a read on where the enemies are landing. 

The Jumpstarter directs the team towards the location of his/her choice. This one is an important step as it will determine how you will end up experiencing the match. Some places will have high-tier loot and will attract other teams. 

Landing on loot hotspots can lead to early action and even elimination if the Jumpmaster decides so. You can always break away from the team to land at other locations, but it is advised to stick with the team as it’ll be more challenging for you or your teammates to retrieve revive beacons. 

Once you are close enough to the ground, you can and should break away from your teammates so that everyone has a better chance at looting and securing the place early. 

Looting items

Apex has an upgradable backpack system that allows you to carry weapons, ammo, throwables, and other items. Picking up anything and everything in the early game is fine, but eventually, you will have to make space for items that will prove helpful in the mid and late game. 

Therefore, it becomes imperative to lose some of that extra luggage and free up your slots. Apex Legends also makes use of a ping system that can help you direct your teammates towards enemies, landmarks, and loot. 

Make use of this feature when you are down during a gunfight to increase your teammates’ chances of survival.

Mastering Movement

Apex Legends is notoriously known for its on-the-move gunfights, which rely heavily on your movement. Having a good idea about your legend’s movement will help you cross the map, stay in the safe zone and get to objectives a lot faster. 

The giant red balloons, vehicles, and ziplines are there to aid your movement. You can also climb up doors and walls almost thrice the size of your legend’s body. 

The wall climb can be used by sprinting towards the wall and holding down on Jump while looking upwards. This will give you access to ledges and spaces to hide or even surprise your foes with an ambush. You can also sprint faster by holstering your weapon.

Healing and Reviving

Losing armor and health is inevitable while engaging in gunfights. You will have to stock up on shield chargers and medkits to get back in the fight. Healing during a gunfight and in the line of sight of the enemy is a recipe for an early demise. 

Next, you need to retreat to a safe space where you can dedicate a few seconds to recover your health and shield. This is important as getting down early in a gunfight will put more pressure on your team. 

Play it smart by relying on the cover and returning fire while teammates are being revived or are healing up. When downed, find a cover, ping your enemy’s location and wait for your teammates to revive you. 

Be careful while reviving your teammates, and make sure you check the coast before approaching a downed comrade. 

Customize your gun with attachments

Your gun can make or break your game. Finding the right attachments and equipping them will help you reduce recoil, get better zoom-ins and faster reloads. 

These micro-adjustments will come in handy during chaotic gunfights. Some guns also have different modes of fire; make sure to switch between them to make better use of your gun’s combat abilities.

Wrapping up

Here is our take on some essential Apex legend hacks to help you play better and become a pro. If you still have any doubts feel free to leave them in the comment section. 

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