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How Apps Can Improve Your Health

How to Use Mobile Apps

Individuals who have a hard time sticking to their workout routines and taking proper care of their health have an easier time of doing both with the help of useful health apps. Even those who already eat right, are in good health and have a strict workout routine can benefit from apps readily available on smartphones, no matter the operating system. If you want to improve your health and do away with some of the guesswork that comes with it, there are a few apps of which you should make yourself aware.

GPS and Distance Apps

No longer do you have to estimate how far you walk, run, jog or bike. Some health apps work with GPS  to let users know their exact distance. What’s more is some also inform you of how many calories you’ve likely burned and keep track of your workouts so you can see where and how much you’ve improved. One thing to keep in mind with these apps is that GPS signals can sometimes become lost in certain areas, such as tunnels and woods. Additionally, bear in mind that your phone’s battery will likely run down faster while the GPS feature is active, to be sure to take that into account during your workout.

Diet and Weight Management

Your exercise and workout efforts are more effective when paired with proper diet and weight management. You can easily keep track of the number of calories you consume in a day, whether that’s through your regular meals or snacks like one of the 10 best gluten free protein bars on the market, and some apps even list the nutritional info of popular restaurant dishes for when you’re eating out. Much like the University of Cincinnati explored health IT ecosystems, you can use weight management and diet apps to learn more about the personal health ecosystem created through a combination of restaurants, grocery stores and cooking you do on your own.

Blood Pressure

Those who currently have high blood pressure or have been warned by a doctor that they’re well on their way to high blood pressure can use special blood pressure health apps to keep themselves and their pressure in check. The way such apps work is that you can enter the numbers yourself or use a digital blood pressure cuff that attaches to your phone. Depending on the app, you can receive special tips on steps you can take to better control and lower your blood pressure. Interested in learning more about how blood pressure and other health concerns are being addressed around the world? You might be interested in studying public health at USC .


For some, diet and exercise simply aren’t enough to help them control their weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those who also use medication might need a bit of assistance remembering when to take said medication, and that’s especially true if the individual has to take several different types of medication a day. Health apps can meet this need in a way that’s efficient and saves time while making sure the user takes his or her medication on time.

The above apps are all great ways to stay healthy and do so in a way that utilizes the most advanced technology and health information. Put them to use yourself to see how well they complement and enhance your current efforts.

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