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Awesome Camera Filters Apps for Your Smartphone

Awesome Camera Filters Apps for Your Smartphone

Today the camera apps on smartphones are a very much bigger deal than they were in the past. Every mobile manufacturer competes to make their camera more reliable and better than the previous version they have launched. Furthermore, you should know that camera features and quality has become a major factor in the purchase decision of a mobile phone, so things have become a lot more twisted than they were a few years back. Along with all this, you must also know that the more professional the camera app of a mobile phone would be, the more expensive it would get. 

Not all of us can afford experience machines/devices, but we are fond of professional photography. We will tell you all about the best camera apps that you can install on your smartphone of any price range in this context. We can help yourself take professional images or edit previously clicked images stored on your device. 

Best camera apps for smartphones in 2020

Go through these camera apps and select the best one that is compatible with your smartphone.

Camera Filters for Instagram – Lomography

This vintage camera app belongs to CA apps. This Instagram filters app can be used on both Android as well as iOS devices. This camera filters app has a lot of unique features, which make it the best one. Some of the astonishing features and vintage photo  filter are mentioned below:

  • Darkroom filter for dark photography
  • Film filter for professional video shooting 
  • Hipstamatic camera 
  • Cinematic camera
  • Polaroid camera
  • Old retro
  • Glitch
  • Lomo camera filter

A better camera

‘A better camera’ is the first vintage camera app on our list today. It is also known as a robust camera app that features HD images, 360-degree degree images, and other multi-shot images, night mode, and dozens of other features. The camera app has both free and paid versions with different pros. The only con in this application is that it has not been updated since the last two years or so.

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop camera

Adobe is also one of the top-ranked camera apps available on the play store. Adobe is one of the oldest apps in this league. You cannot only edit and customize images with this application, but you can also use the built-in camera to take pictures with this application. You can shoot HDR, raw as well as different preset images with adobe. If you want to shoot professional pictures, then the lightroom app would help you take professional images. Photoshop is the camera app that can help you in editing raw images and changing them into professional ones.

Bacon camera

We would be honest with you guys. Initially, it was thought that the bacon camera application was not up to the mark. It is a wrong concept; this bacon camera application is a very decent application installed on every smart device. The bacon camera application has different features that include focus, white balance, compensation, ISO, and much more. The bacon camera app can also help you with Gif support, panorama mode, and timed shots.

Camera MX

Camera MX is another camera application that one can use to make his/her images professional and attractive. Low-budget smartphones do not have good camera apps in their default, but that does not mean you should get rid of the phone. This camera application can be used for free by anyone having any device with a decently modern operating system. You can get this utility from the play store. This camera application can be used to shoot not only pictures but also videos. You can also make gifs with this application. You can call this app as a solution for all your problems.


It is another popular application that can be used on android as well as on iOS devices. This camera application focuses on mainstream features and provides you with many stickers, filters, and effects. This camera application has a beauty mode that would capture the beautiful side of your face. There are no dramatic alterations concerning the editing of images. You can use this app for minor editing and adding vintage effects. The application comes for free along with in-app purchases.

Filmic pro

The filmic pro is one of the newest applications for picture editing. This is a good vintage camera app, but at the same time, you should know that it is also an expensive utility. This vintage camera app is said to have some outstanding and extremely specific manual controls. It has dual slider technology along with the features of exposure and focus. The developers keep updating apps so that bugs can be removed, and new features can be added from time to time. Overall is an average vintage camera app.


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