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Becoming a Digital Nomad in Southeast Asia

 Becoming a Digital Nomad in Southeast Asia

The Indochina Archipelago is a land of adventure and exotic beauty. There are many different countries in southeast Asia that offer a tropical lifestyle and a reduced cost of living. For this reason, there are many people who are looking to relocate there. If you make your living in the digital world, and there is no real reason for you to be in any country, you have the option to be a digital nomad, living where you like and missing out on some of the drudgery of the western lifestyle. If you can live anywhere in the world, you are going to want to live in a place where expenses are low, and pleasures are abundant. Many people recognize that Southeast Asia fits this description well.

  • Taking Care of Business. If you are going to take the leap, you do need to take care of several details first. Primarily, you are going to need to know if your business can operate in the country you have chosen, you are going to have to learn the laws about visas, taxation, and working in the country. Every country has its own specific rules. Beyond that you will have to be able to access business services from time to time. So, it is important to see what is available. For example, there are accounting and printing services in every country, but you need to know where to look. You can use Acclime for outsourcing company accounting in Malaysia. You will need to do a proper internet search for all the things you will require to make your business functional in your chosen location.
  • Internet Access: This is something that used to be a real limiting factor for digital nomads in the region. But these days high speed Internet is available almost anywhere, and the costs are low compared to the west. Because of this there is no reason anyone will even know where you are located, and you can conduct business from the beach or in the jungle. But you will have to get a backdrop for your zoom meetings.
  • Finding a place to live: Depending on what kind of budget you give yourself for living expenses, there is a shocking abundance of choice for accommodations in Southeast Asia. Luxury living is more attainable in a place like Bangkok, than it is in a standard western city. You can really go all out in a top shelf high rise condo. But if you are interested in using your money for other things, it is quite easy to find relatively cheap accommodations almost anywhere in Southeast Asia, with Singapore being the exception. You should be able to find very nice accommodation for less than $500 USD per month almost anywhere, and you can go much lower than that, depending on your flexibility.

Life is short, and the time to travel is when you’re young and still open to new ideas and experiences. If you make your money online, you really should consider making the move to a more tropical location. In this way you can experience some of the world’s simpler pleasures and some personal freedom too.

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