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Best Tips on How to Choose the Right Case for iPhone

Cases for smartphones are universal accessories, which cope with both device decoration and its protection. The use of best phone cases is mandatory for everyone because smartphones should be protected as they are important for social life and business.
In addition, nowadays, phone cases are popular accessories, and they might be used as a part of your casual or evening look. It is possible to choose a perfect model from a new French collection, which will satisfy all your preferences and wishes. All you need to is follow
iPhone leather cases luxury and make a choice.

Best Tips on How to Choose the Right Case for iPhone

The luxurious collection from France offers high-class smartphone covers in diverse forms, designs, and colors. So, there is an opportunity to select a luxury iPhone case in accordance with all your requests and desires.  

All samples in the premium collection are available in 10 colors, including black, gray, green, honey, red, dark brown, pink, orange, royal blue, and navy blue. Moreover, you can choose the color of hand-polished metal details. The metalware color list contains steel, black, and gold.

The reliability and durability of the collection protectors are ensured by the high quality and costliness of materials, which are used for case creation. The collection is exclusive as the majority of covers are made of 100% genuine leather. Furthermore, due to the use of expensive materials, all protectors’ designs are unique. There is a possibility to select one of the following leather types:

  • Crocodile
  • Python
  • Alligator
  • Calf
  • Ostrich 
  • Carbon

It is commonly known that genuine leather guarantees the longevity of a product. A new material, carbon,  assures durability as well. Carbon fiber is unbreakable and ultra-light.

The key benefit of the French collection is a wide variety of cover designs for any taste. You can choose one or several from the following nine types:

  • Classic Case. This cover is representative of a standard laconic design. A universal case form with a flowing, semi-matte finish is always relevant and meets any fashion trends. 
  • Strap Case. This pattern is famous for its convenience. Due to the special hand strap with color-matched stitching, the device holding is very comfortable. Additionally, a strap is made of natural leather as well. 
  • Card Case. The main advantage of this protector is its practicality. This case has an addition – a handy flat pouch. This design allows constantly carrying your IDs and driver’s license with you. 
  • Pouch Case. This sample assures 100% protection from any device’s damages due to the unique design. The pattern covers both the mobile back and screen. So, you should not worry anymore if your phone accidentally falls. 
  • Folio Case. Everyone who is looking for a multipurpose accessory will be gratified with the purchase of this case. Folio cover offers a spacious gap and two card slots. 
  • Double Card. You can have your credit cards and documents with you all the time due to the practical form of a Double Card. The pattern has a pair of card gaps. 
  • Double Card Case. This sample has the same design as the Double Card model has. They differ in color peculiarities. The previous model offers one color for two pockets and the whole protector. In the Double Card Case model, gaps are painted in contrasting colors.  
  • Wallet with MagSafe. This case has an interesting unusual design with a pair of pockets and magnet stones. These magnet details make the attachment to the phone’s back easier. 
  • Crossbody Bag. The form of this cover is similar to a classic shoulder bag with a convenient long strip. So, this model refers to a daily basis accessory.  

There is a possibility to find a case suitable for the following iPhone models: 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max. 

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