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Big Data Skills – Must Have

Big Data Skills - Must Have

The idea of big data has been in trend in the past few years. Big data experts believe that in the coming years, data will be generated in an exponential amount. IDC’s Data Age 2025 report for Seagate has predicted that total data across the globe will reach 75 zettabytes by the year 2025.

Today, a majority of the firms have understood that if they can retrieve all valuable data in relevance to their business, they will be able to use it to retrieve more specific data and derive useful insights that can help them in the long run. Because of this, big data engineers, data analysts, and data architects have emerged as top roles available in this domain. To have a profound knowledge of big data and its applications and build a career as a big data professional, you can look for various Big Data Engineering courses that meet your learning objectives.

However, before you prepare to strengthen your knowledge about big data, you must know in detail the top skills you must acquire as a big data professional to have a rewarding career ahead. And we’re here to help you in your journey of becoming a skilled big data engineer.

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Let’s dive deeper to learn more!

Excellent Programming Skills

A skilled big data professional ought to have a basic idea of data structures and algorithms and know about statistical languages like R, Python, Scala, C++, SQL, and Java to get an edge over others. One should also consider learning basic coding and rectifying errors in the existing code present in a big dataset.

Data Visualization

Visualization is the medium to simplify and make people understand technical things easily. The work of big data professionals comprises dealing with large data sets, both structured and unstructured, helping firms analyze the data and present it visually for a better understanding of trends and facts. Big data professionals need to know data visualization tools such as Plotly, Data Wrapper, Tableau, etc. To convey their interpretations and findings to the stakeholders and help them make decisions accordingly.

Quantitative and Analytical Skills

Quantitative and analytical skills play a pivotal role in big data analytics. Having strong quantitative and analytical skills helps process an extensive unstructured data set easily. For qualitative data analysis, knowledge of multivariable calculus and linear and matrix algebra can be beneficial. In contrast, for quantitative analysis, one must know about descriptive statistics and inferential statistics to draw inferences and discover patterns for predictive analysis.

Skills to Handle and Interpret Data

Handling a big pool of data and interpreting it is not an easy task. The data size has been increasing as the days are passing. To manage data from various data sources for predictive analysis may take most of the time, and thus big data professionals must possess the skills to handle and interpret data.

With the knowledge of data analytics tools, big data professionals can easily review data and draw conclusions that can help understand past, present, and future trends.

Knowledge of Various Technologies and Frameworks

Merely knowing programming languages is not enough for big data professionals, and they need to know beyond that. They must learn about various frameworks like Apache Spark and Hadoop and streamline big data modes largely.

Business Knowledge and Problem-solving Skills

Big data analysts must have a good understanding of the overall business processes and their goals to align their tasks accordingly. This ensures that they know the root cause of the business problems and develop strategies to solve them.

If you seek a career as a big data professional, you must work hard to acquire the skills discussed above and strengthen your resume to land a highly rewarding job.

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