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Chronus Level Equitydeppengeekwire

Chronus Raises $78M as Hybrid Workforce Drives Demand

Chronus is a publisher of mentoring software, and it is based in Washington. The company has innovative solutions when it comes to employee development programs. In a new announcement, Chronus acknowledged that the company had received $78 million in new funding. The new funding is an excellent boost for the platform since it will allow Chronus to develop additional capabilities to suit the hybrid work culture. This fresh investment round comes from Level Equity, a San Francisco-based investor.

what is Chronus Level Equitydeppengeekwire ?

The digital tools from Chronus are especially helpful when the employer wants to focus on employee development, mentoring the employee, and coaching. Chronus has been experiencing an increased demand since the onset of covid-19. Almost every organization shifted to work from home, and now, companies are slowly moving towards a hybrid work environment. Besides offering an employee development program, Chronus also teamed up with Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft teams to host its in-platform video conferencing tool. This tool is referred to as Virtual Meet.


Chronus also supports businesses looking for training programs in talent development, employee retention, workplace equality, and diversity & inclusion. As per CEO Seena Mortazavi, it is very easy to scale up Chronus, and this can be done based on the size of the customer. In an exclusive interview with Deppen, Seena revealed that the new funding would help them improve the platform. In addition, the funds will be allocated to their marketing and sales team to enhance product adoption.

The present customers of Chronus include Hearst Communication, Amazon, McGraw Hill, and many prestigious names. Currently, the company has 85 employees, with most of its workforce in India. The new funding will also help Chronus in increasing its headcount. It is also to be noted that the revenue of Chronus has touched new records in the last three quarters. So Chronus Level Equitydeppengeekwire means Chronus Raises $78M as Hybrid Workforce Drives Demand

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