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Conservative Use of Energy in Grinding Media

Gravity-induced stirred (GIS) mills.

Magotteaux is a mining and metal company that has been in existence since 1920. It provides unique expert services, resources, products, machinery, systems, and all Cement processes. Magotteaux cement, aggregates, power stations, dredging, and industrial products use efficient and eco-friendly methods that ensure optimum production of minerals. This firm produces more than 250,000 tonnes of grinding media per year and is a player throughout the global market.

Crushing or grinding is often used during mining to achieve a consistent size of minerals while saving energy consumption. Both ball mills and tower mills are not recommended to grind fines below 40 μm. This is because these mills tend to over grind products that do not meet the optimal grinding range.

This phenomenon is majorly due to the use of overly large media for the generated product size. Generally, the minimum ball size is installed in the tower, and ball mills are usually 12.5 mm. Still, in some industrial cases, diameters of up to 6 mm have improved efficiency.

Recent research conducted by mining specialists found a Gravity-induced stirred mill with a 6mm rod achieved remarkable energy efficiencies when crushing fines to below 20 μm. Therefore, the research qualitatively confirmed that they have to use smaller ball sizes to achieve finer product sizes.


Millpebs is a technology that has been used over the years to achieve smaller product sizes in the ball and tower mills. They are 5 to 12 mm oblong or spherical cast steel capsules that are often used instead of or in addition to grinding balls. Millipebs are known for high Grinding use and for producing high fine productions while using significantly lower energy during the crushing process.

Additional Fine Grinding Equipment

Progressive innovations have led up to the creation of several other technologies used for fine grinding. These include vibrating mills, jet mills, roller mills, among others. Be it as it may, none of these innovations can be compared to stirred mills’ power when it comes to energy efficiency.

Aside from the efficient comminution of particles by the Gravity-induced stirred mill discussed above, many other benefits can be noted. For example, its ability to operate at low-stress intensities.

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