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How to Craft a Grindstone in Minecraft ?

Grindstone is an important material to repair damaged items or remove non-curse enhancements from objects. This material is in the game from Minecraft 1.14 version and is an essential asset for Minecraft players. This is a transparent and useful block, and you can find it in some villages. Here is how you can craft this asset in Minecraft.

How to Craft a Grindstone in Minecraft

How to Craft a Grindstone in Minecraft ?

Components Required for Making a Grindstone in Minecraft:

For crafting a grindstone, you will need a total of five components – two wooden planks, one stone slab, and two sticks. You can collect these items very easily. If you are unaware of how to craft these components, then here is how to do it.

Crafting Sticks:

First, collect wood pieces from all trees. When you have sufficient woods to craft a stick, put two bamboo and planks in the crafting menu inside the inventory. Apart from that, you can get sticks by destroying the enchantress. You can also get sticks in the chest of some villages. Moreover, you can collect from 0 to 2 sticks whenever you destroy dead bushes or leaves.

Collecting Wooden Planks:

Wooden planks are used for crafting components and in the construction work. These items are free to get in the game.

Crafting Stone Slabs:

You need to craft this item in the blast furnace. First, open the crafting grid and place three pieces of stone in it. Make sure that you have placed the stone pieces in the right way to create stone blocks. You can put the stone pieces in the middle row of the grid to get six stone slabs.

Once you have all these components, you can craft a grindstone.

Crafting A Grindstone:

After collecting all the required items to craft a grindstone, you can go to the crafting menu and place these components in it to get the grindstone. While doing this, you need to arrange them appropriately. Place one stick in the first box of the top row, the stone slab in the second box, and then the second stick in the third box.

In the middle row, put two wooden planks in the first and third boxes and let the middlebox be empty. In this step, you can use any wooden plank like oak, dark oak, birch, crimson, spruce, warped, etc.

Once you have placed all the ingredients correctly, you can get the grindstone and move it to the inventory.

After making the grindstone, you can use it to repair your items and remove non-curse enhancements.You can put some items into the grindstone to repair them through it. The item that you have placed on the top will be repaired, and the item you have placed at the bottom will be waived.

To remove the Minecraft enhancements, you can place the enhanced items in the slot. It will remove all non-curse enhancements, and you can experience that while playing. Apart from that, it will also remove the work penalty present on non-curse items. This way, you can make and use a grindstone effectively.

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