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Dealing With Your Pre-Flight Anxiety

Many people become anxious before an airplane trip, particularly if they do not fly very often. Those who have the luxury of flying via a private jet charter booked through Jettly or someone similar may be a little more relaxed due to the enhanced experience, but generally, those on a large passenger aircraft feel claustrophobic and nervous. If you fit into this group, take some concrete steps to make your next flight go as smoothly as possible.


You can decrease your stress by knowing exactly where you have to be at what time. Doublecheck your boarding and departure times and keep your ticket somewhere that is safe but easily accessible. Look at a map of the airport to find out where your terminal is and how much time you should budget for arriving there between the traffic, security lines and baggage check.

Dealing With Your Pre-Flight Anxiety


Although you may have heard horror stories about airplane malfunctions, traveling in an airplane is actually very safe. Aircraft hardware keeps the plane functioning, and crews perform regular maintenance and fuel checks. Trust that the people in charge know what they are doing. However, simply telling yourself that everything will go well may not be enough to calm you down. Consider drinking tea before your flight takes off to calm yourself down. Create a soothing playlist to listen to during the flight, with your phone in airplane mode, of course. Wear your most comfortable clothes so that you will feel normal as you travel.


Flights can be a good time to get some rest, particularly if you are traveling for work and will be busy when you arrive. If you can fall asleep, the flight will go by more quickly. Most airlines provide eye masks and blankets on overnight flights to help you. If you cannot fall asleep, try to keep your eyes closed as much as possible. You could also do a calming activity such as reading a book or coloring.

Don’t let your anxiety about flying keep you from taking off. Take some time before your flight to come up with a strategy, and then you can fly with confidence.

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