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Essential Guide On How To Convert, Split, And Merge PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Essential Guide On How To Convert, Split, And Merge PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Altering a PDF file is a necessary thing to do nowadays. With the many things happening in the digital world, you must have the right tool to help you with your file format alteration task. One of the most trusted tools that you can find online is GogoPF. Here are some of its easy-to-use tools:

Easy File Format Conversion Tool

Nowadays, things do change so fast. Technology, science, and how the world works are changing in an unprecedented manner. Similarly, these changes can be seen in your file format. If you have a file that you need to preserve, the best thing that you need to do is convert this file into a PDFA. 

When you convert your file into a PDFA, make sure that you use the most reliable tool you can find online such as GogoPDF. Using GogoPDF’s PDF to PDFA tool, you can have the most comfortable and straightforward steps in converting your file. GogoPDF assures that you can still perform this task with ease even if you are newly using web-based tools.

The first thing you need to do is choose a PDF file from your device and put it in GogoPDF’s tool. Once you are done, GogoPDF will start analyzing and converting your file. Converting your file will not take much time, especially if you have a strong internet connection. 

Once done, you can start downloading your newly converted file. If you have other file formats that you wish to convert, you can still do it using GogoPDF. You can convert your file into PDF, PDF, Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, and many more. You can also do vice-versa using the same steps. GogoPDF has made file conversion a lot easier than it should be! 

How To Split A PDF File

One of these days, your professor or boss might give you an imperative to remove or extract a particular page from your newly submitted PDF file. However, this will be challenging, especially if you have no experience in altering a PDF file. You would wonder in an abyss and wallow in despair or use an online tool for this task. 

GogoPDF allows you to extract a page/s from your PDF file using their simple Split PDF tool. First, you must choose a PDF file from your device and put it in GogoPDF’s system. Once you are done, you can now select the page/s that you need to remove from your original PDF file and press the button provided so you can continue on the following process.

After that, GogoPDF will begin to analyze and extract the page/s from your PDF file. It might take less than a minute for your PDF file to be ready. Once done, you can now click the appropriate link and begin downloading your newly extracted PDF file. You can also share it with your colleagues. 

Who would have thought that extracting a page/s from a PDF file has been this doable? People in the past would have a hard time removing a specific page from their PDF file. Luckily, GogoPDF has made it easier for you! 

How To Merge A PDF File

Almost everyone has PDF files that are scattered all over different unused folders from their device. The downside of having other unused folders is that it consumes space on your device. Hence, it makes your computer or laptop slower. If these files are connected, you can just combine these files to save a lot of space on your device.

However, merging PDF files can be a complicated task. If you are not utilizing the right tool, you may undergo a lot of unnecessary processes. Luckily, GogoPDF has the best tool to combine your PDF files by using the quickest and most straightforward steps. 

To start merging, choose some files from your device and put them in GogoPDF’s system. Once you are done, GogoPDF will start to combine your PDF files. Merging your PDF files might take a minute or more, depending on your internet connection. 

Once the merging is done, you can now begin downloading your newly merged PDF files. With GogoPDF, you do not need to undergo unnecessary tasks and complicated steps. It only takes a few clicks away for it to be done!


GogoPF has made file conversion, merging, and splitting of PDF files more manageable. If you need other tools to alter your file format, you can check their website, and they still have a lot of features that you can choose from.

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