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FlexiSPY- Be in control, anywhere, anytime


If you are searching for a monitoring app that will comprehensively cover every single activity of the target android user including, but not limited to texts, calls, GPS, IM, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp and so on, FlexiSPY is what you need and we are going to tell you why. Probably, you must have read through hundreds of pages where you read how those apps will make you a virtual 007. But the truth couldn’t be farther from reality. Ofcourse, some of them will send you logs of calls and texts, but is that going to be enough? If you have a tech savvy wife and you doubt that she is cheating on you, wouldn’t have to opt for something much better than a silly call and sms tracker?

FlexiSPY- the best spying app for Android phones

This is not one of the typical spying app you must have seen. For instance, with the FlexiSPY, you can track in real time almost 13 different IMs, live intercept calls, listen to live calls, view screen on real time, and perform spy calls and password cracking.

There is an advanced feature that gives you instant access to the target phone’s microphone. By gaining access to this feature, you can easily get hold of a lying employee who says he is stuck in the traffic when he is actually snuggling cosily on his bed.

Let us have a closer look at some of the other key features

  • Access to all data on the Android phone: This means texts, phone logs, videos, images, documents, emails, attachments and every bit and byte of data stored on the device. No matter if the data is hidden or encrypted, FlexiSPY will unlock it for you.
  • Access to 13 IM portals including WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Hike and so on. Even after the user deletes all traces of the conversation from their phone, this data will be available to you in the form of logs with time stamps.
  • Remote access to the phone’s camera
  • Complete access to the phones online activity including web visits, data downloads, cache memory etc
  • Screenshots of all login attempts to various social media accounts
  • GPS tracking to let you know when the target enters a restricted zone
  • The app is completely hidden from the user.
  • Can set up alerts as and when required

The user can control this app by logging into an online account after entering appropriate user credentials. All logs will be made available to the user instantly along with detailed graphics. There is also an option to generate reports based on the activities you want. For instance, all calls made to a particular number including time, duration, number of attempts etc is instantly available.

A mere look at some of the incredible features is more than enough to convince anyone that FlexiSPY is simply the best spying app for Androids available out there. Activate the stealth mode for this app and your target will never know what hit them!


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