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How to Format Video on Social Media

According to a healthcare video producer, not every social media platform accepts video in the same way. Read on to find out the best way to format your video for the most popular social media sites, and tips on how to portray your media in the best way.

How to Format Video on Social Media

Best Video Format for Facebook

Since Facebook delivers video advertisements in different ways, formatting your video can be very tricky.

For the regular Facebook feed: The recommended size is 1280 vs. 720 pixels, minimum width is 600 pixels, and the supported aspect ratios are 16:9 (horizontal), 9:16 (full portrait), 2:3 (vertical), 1:1 (square.)

For the Facebook 360 video: the maximum size is 4096 by 2048 pixels, 2:1 aspect ratio. The minimum size is 600 pixels wide. Facebook recommends that you upload the video in .MP4 format, maximum file size 1.75GB, maximum length of 40 minutes, and maximum frame rate 60fps.

For in-stream video ads: Facebook recommends the “highest resolution source video available without letter or pillar boxing.” The recommended upload size is 1280 by 720 pixels.

For Facebook messenger video ads: Facebook recommends 1280 by 720 pixels with supporter aspect ratios of 16:9 to 1.91:1.

Best Video Format for Twitter

Since most of Twitter’s traffic comes from mobile users, videos are optimized for mobile as well.

For horizontal videos, the recommended size is 1280 by 1024 pixels. The minimum size is 32 by 32 pixels. The recommended specs are .MP4 for the web, .MOV format for mobile, with a maximum length 140 seconds, maximum file size 512MB, maximum frame rate 40fps.

For vertical videos, the recommended size is 1200 by 1900 pixels. The minimum size is 32 by 32 pixels. The recommended size at 256K bitrate is 240 by 240 pixels. The recommended size at 768K bitrate is 480 by 480 pixels. The recommended size at 2048K bitrate is 640 by 640 pixels.

Best Video Format for Instagram

Instagram supports square, vertical, and horizontal videos. If you aren’t sure which is best, go for square since it’s more easily viewable on desktop and mobile.

The Instagram in-video feed recommendations are the same as Facebook. Upload the highest resolution video possible that fits file size and ratio limits, H.264 compression, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128 kbps+.

For carousel video ads, the recommended size is 1080 by 1080 pixels. The minimum size is 600 by 600 pixels. The recommended specs are .MP4 or .MOV format, maximum length of 60 seconds, maximum frame rate 30fps.

Best Video Format for YouTube

YouTube prefers videos that are “as close to the original, high-quality source format as possible.”

The recommended sizes are 426 by 240 pixels (240p), 640 by 360 pixels (360p), 854 by 480 pixels (480p), 1280 by 720 pixels (720p), 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p), 2560 by 1440 pixels (1440p) and 3840 by 2160 pixels (2160p). The recommended specs are .MOV, .MPEG4, MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM, maximum file size 128GB at a maximum 12 hours long.

Each social media outlet brings its own specifications, but putting your video production out on all outlets will give it the best chance at being seen by your preferred audience.

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