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Getting a Plush Toy from Factory to Store

So how does that plush toy get from a factory in China to a store in the United States? One of the key components of the journey is container loading software online. This software allows shippers to configure the load, decided what kind of vehicle it will go on and even change between different measurements and languages to ensure that everyone understands the process along the way.

Planning the Load

Making sure that everything fits snuggly inside the container is critical to successful shipping. When loads shift, boxes and products can be damaged, and consumers are not as willing to purchase items in crumpled or torn packaging. The first step in getting your item to its destination is to use container loading software online. This tool allows you to see what the load looks like from many different angles, and to make sure that your items are securely packed.

Choosing the Container

Once you’ve planned the load, the next step is deciding how your merchandise will travel. If time is not an issue, shipping by sea is usually the cheapest shipping method, while air is more costly. Container loading software allows you to choose the method of shipping and the type of container to use, as well as easily track your shipment from your computer or phone.

Making Communication Easy

Miscommunication can be frustrating and expensive, so many loading programs allow you to switch easily between English and Metric units of measurement, as well as changing languages. No translation program is fool-proof, but this goes a long way in making sure instructions are easily understood at all steps along the way.

In today’s global marketplace, it is important to be able to get your goods from factory to store safely, quickly, and economically. From planning to shipping method to communication along the journey, the power of technology makes this easier every day.

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