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Getting Advice on The Fair Work Act Saves Your Business Money

If you are a small business, you may have heard of the Fair Work Act of Australia. It was an act that was implemented back in 2009. It entails some of the rules and conditions of the workplace for employers and employees that they must follow.

The conditions conform to the modern awards as well as the national employment standards. It also contains workplace rights, the rules to be followed when transferring business, unfair dismissals, agreements and obligations and more.

The FWC and FWO: How they Help

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and Fair Work Commission (FWC) are both organizations that are responsible for helping employers and employees resolve disputes of the workplace. The FWC is the authority that creates and makes changes to modern awards. It is also responsible for good faith bargaining, industrial action and minimum wage orders.

Some of these things are important for your business and it pays to understand which of the conditions are relevant to you.

Not All Modern Awards May Apply to You: Advice on the FWA can save Money for Your Business

Modern awards can govern the way your finances are established. It includes the standards of minimum wages, the kinds of employment you can provide (full or part time as well as casual) varying work hours, the allowances that you may give to your workers, for travel or other work-related issues.

It also includes the rates you can give for overtime and any penalties you can charge employees, leaves (casual, annual and sick) and the arrangement for those leaves and superannuation and the salary arrangement.

All modern awards may not be relevant or apply to you. Advice from a professional regarding what applies to your business and your employees and how you can interpret different conditions is important.

You may end up overpaying your employees or worse underpaying them, leading to small claims settlements. With professionals from you will be able to make more informed decisions regarding payment and leaves. You would also be in a better position to understand and deal with small claims should they ever come up.

Getting Advice Allows You to Deal with Unfair Workers that are Costing Your Small Business

When you are running a business, you do everything that you can to cut your losses and get your employees to give it their all. But what happens when you are faced with someone that makes things difficult by under-performing?

It may even be that you and your employees have incomplete information about your rights as employer and employee.

What makes matters worse is if communication breaks down when working out the dispute. You may be overwhelmed with the decision to fire them out right for fear of unfair dismissal.

The costs that follow because of the court proceedings may put an extra burden on the small business, and in extreme cases, may even get you bankrupt.

It is very important that you seek advice on the Fair Work Act, so that you are prepared at all times to handle disputes and save money while operating your small business.

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