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Gold IRA Company Reviews and Comparison

Have you finally decided to invest in your retirement? Unlike traditional IRAs, gold IRAs promise better protection of your assets against potential market inflation and volatility.

The setup process is more complicated, which is why most investors rely on gold IRA firms to lend them a hand. While some companies are transparent and reliable, others are completely dishonest. 

The following reviews and comparison of gold IRA firms might help you make the ideal choice for your retirement.


GoldCo is a private company whose focus is placed on the protection of its clients’ retirement funds. These professionals move assets from the accounts of clients into self-directed IRAs, which are backed by gold or silver. They provide guidance through each step of the way for the process to be completed successfully. 

Apart from coins, GoldCo enables investors and collectors to get gold bullions. Most importantly, they offer a beneficial buyback plan, which goes in favor of their customers. By opting to collaborate with GoldCo, individuals should determine whether they wish to use Roth or conventional dollars. Roth dollars are post-tax, whereas conventional dollars are pre-tax. 

Most clients opt for the latter as a method of funding their conventional rollovers from their existing accounts. There are assets considered ideal for rollover. If you happen to have any questions or concerns linked to tax liability, the best person to clear them up would be your accountant. Regarding asset storage, individuals are requested to find a custodian. Fortunately, GoldCo can assist you in finding the perfect one to fit your needs. See this page for a detailed explanation of custodian banks.

Once the account is set up and a custodian is found, GoldCo will assist you to fund it by abiding by the Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations. When the funds are finally taken care of, this company ensures all of your purchases are IRS-approved. GoldCo collaborates with certain mints, which create bars to their specific requirements. 

Not all individuals interested in self-directed IRAs are knowledgeable about precious metals. Clients can reach out to them to ask for a guide at no extra cost. If curious about the fees, you should contact GoldCo directly to get such information, as fees are determined on the basis of your investment and custodian. 

Potential clients shouldn’t worry about the reputation of GoldCo, as it has numerous positive reviews from customers claiming that the company is ethical, professional, and highly reliable. Their claims are supported by the A+ rating GoldCo has from the BBB. 

American Hartford Gold

Another company to be included in this comparison is American Hartford Gold. It’s absolutely dedicated to aiding precious metal investments and provides physical delivery to the homes of customers or their IRAs. High-quality customer service is guaranteed with American Hartford, as clients are their most important priority. They get the opportunity to minimize liquidation fees by taking advantage of their buyback program. This webpage,, reveals why customer service is important to an organization.

If you choose to collaborate with American Hartford, you must contact the company and be provided with a product specialist. Then, you should fill out the necessary paperwork and fund your self-directed IRA. Precious metals can be liquidated once you reach 59.5 years of age by getting them in a physical form or having them converted into cash.

American Hartford charges no fees for an account setup or a rollover. Also, your assets can be shipped to a depository free of charge. Storage expenses are usually waived for three years, based on how large your account is. GoldCo will recommend using some of the most popular depositories. There are no maintenance fees involved. 

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals describes itself as a premier firm regarding gold IRAs. It makes a promise to provide lifelong products and helpful information to users until the start of their pensioner days. Their agents have high-level precious metal skills and stay informed on the latest trends and issues. 

Moreover, Augusta prides itself on having reliable customer service and remarkable knowledge, which assists clients in making their retirement dreams come true. It’s committed to providing three values, including overall transparency, simplicity, and a personalized portfolio for each client. 

Customers will be pleased to learn that Augusta will treat them much better than transactions. Instead of just handling their account information, the staff will continue to offer helpful services to customers. This contributes to better loyalty and trust. Staff members are available via phone calls and chat for users to communicate with them whenever they need their assistance. 

In addition, any information you need about transfers, paperwork, and custodian communications is provided by processors. The confirmation team is responsible for verifying orders, wrapping up transactions, and finalizing details. The company provides precious coins, premium gold, premium silver, and billion. If when values fluctuate, the price gets finalized when making a confirmation call. 

Augusta also has a buyback policy that users can take advantage of. Nevertheless, buyback prices are likely to vary as well. IRS regulations might prevent the firm from offering any buyback guarantees. Individuals need a high quality gold IRA company comparison to select the best company. Nevertheless, Augusta has a solid reputation among clients who are more than willing to testify about its credibility. 

Final word

If you are planning to invest in gold, you should consider a gold IRA. To help you understand it better, read this article on what is a gold IRA and how it works.

Only by comparing the fees, reputation, and customer support of different providers can you choose one to trust!

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