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How to Choose the Suitable Handlebars for Your Bike

Finding the best handlebar can make a huge difference to your bike. If you are fresher to riding? Or want to have control over your newly brought bike? Looking for more comfort in your bike? Then adding a handlebar is the best option. Just by changing the width, you can improve your bike fit while having a significant effect on the handling. You can upgrade it to carbon can yield. It will improve aerodynamics with reduced weight.

Whether you are riding a fat-tire, gravel bike, mountain bike or road bike, adding handlebars will improve the riding quality. Handlebars now have different shapes and sizes to fit your bike perfectly. The correct handlebar supports your upper body without giving a strain on your shoulder and also balances your weight perfectly. Newer shapes like Special hover, FSA K-Wing, Double tap bar etc offer higher positions without added headset spacers.

In this blog, we will discuss which handlebar is more suitable for you. Keep reading to know more information.

Select width handlebar 

The handlebar should match shoulder width. Wide handlebars have increased stability on rough roads. The same thing applies to the terrain. The broad handlebar slows the steering. They can offer stability and comfort to a fresh rider. If you have 44cm handlebars and looking for more speed then opt for 42cm or 40cm. You can look for 38cm also. Change of handlebars can give better value after all. Wider handlebars will reduce the chances of shoulder tension, neck pain, hand fatigue, strain and many more. Choosing a good handlebar will teach you automatically how to raise bike handlebars 


How to select the shape of the handlebar

Previously racing bike was not made for bulk sale but now the scenario changed. FSA and 3T promoted Omega and Ergonova handlebars and started a new hype for short-shoulder and shallow-drop handlebars on bikes. Paired with endurance bike geometry, now handlebars can provide more comfort and stability to office workers. It lowers the drop for an average bike rider. People who love riding fast will love wind tunnel testing on the riding hoods.  With your elbows bent and horizontal firearms, you can ride perfectly.  It is also important to learn how to raise bike handlebars.

How wide should a mountain handlebar be?

Mountain bikes must have an optimal handlebar which is more controllable. If you are riding in a terrain area or rough area then sometimes it’s really difficult to control your bike. A wide handlebar is suggested in such cases. If you ride on normal roads then a narrow handlebar is best. Smaller wheels steer lighter compared to large wheels. But too many wide handlebars can cause upper back pain and should strain. Buy a handlebar that can be easily shortened. Also, you will learn how to raise bike handlebars.

How much wide a gravel bike handlebar should be?

A gravel bike is just like a road bike. With gravel, you can explore rough roads or terrains. You can have more control on a wider handlebar. Handlebars of gravel bikes have a flare. An optimum handlebar with brake leavers is best for a road trip. It creates perfect control.


Flat bars – Flat bars are a standard type of handlebars. They have completely flat types of handlebars. There is the slightest bend towards the rider. Leaning forward is easier with Flat bars. Though they are typically narrow. It’s also cheaper.

Riser bars – Riser bars are flat bars rising from the centre clamp area. Risers are wider than flat bars. It is used for trail biking. A wider length can give you more leverage.  It puts less weight on the front portion of bikes.

Bullhorn – Bullhorn handlebars are the ones that curve up. Bullhorn curves forward and up. It has great aerodynamics. It is best for speed riding. It is good for climbing hills. Gives a lot of space to your body while riding.

Drop bars – Drop bars are a very popular type of handlebar among bike riders. There are several types of Drop handlebars available. Drop bars also have good aerodynamics and are highly versatile. They have better pedalling than others.


Hope we can enlighten you on handlebars. There are different types of handlebars than these above-mentioned ones.  Just remember your riding quality depends on the handlebar. 


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