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How to Grow Your Small Business But Still Keep It Personal

Most large businesses are far from ‘personal’ to their employees. You are likely to find that most employees feel that they are little more than just a number to the organization that they are working for. Employees that feel this way tend to have little to no loyalty to the company, and so do not put themselves out for the organization or strive to be any more than they have to be.

If your business is small and friendly, the best thing you can do is try to keep the comradeship of your employees, as it will keep them loyal to you and you will see their worth daily. Of course, this can be a difficult thing to do if your business is growing fast and new faces are turning up on your site every day.

#1 Teach Your Employees to Multi-Task

Teaching your employees to carry out additional job roles could mean that you can keep working with the same team of people and hire a small number to help out. Having your team follow the work, can be highly beneficial to your order book as well as your dedicated team of employees. It will keep them interested, as they will be learning new roles and keep their working week or month varied with different tasks to fulfill.

#2 Promote Through the Ranks

You can help things further if you promote through the ranks, rather than advertising a job outside of your business. This will provide career paths for those that wish to build on their future, and yet, still stay with your company. You will have to hire someone to fill any space left open from an external pool of candidates, but it will mean that those employees closest to and in your most senior positions will be the ones that are entirely invested in your business and will support you as everything continues to grow.

#3 Outsource Departments

If your business up until recently has been so small that you haven’t so much as had departments as you or additional personnel carry out tasks that cover certain departments, as well as continuing to do their daily job roles, then opting for outsourcing departments could be for you. Departments such as HR can be carried out by external businesses, such as, working on your behalf. This means that you will get all the benefits of having experienced employees working on your payroll and onboarding for instance while only paying a company a monthly fee for the time that they spend on your business – therefore, saving you additional salaries and work.

#4 Plan Social Events 

If you are doing all of this and yet you still feel that you are losing contact with those individuals that you are working with or are working for you, then you should start putting together regular social events in your yearly planner. These social events should happen more than once a year and should be set on regular occasions. You should make sure that all of your employees are invited, rather than just your favorite few, to ensure that everyone feels connected and that they are important. Some businesses like to opt for social events, such as a dinner and a dance, which, although does appeal to some workers, most certainly makes others feel uncomfortable. Opting for a dress-down barbeque, however, is a social event that can be held whenever and will be welcomed by all that attend your place of work.

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