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How to Make A Banner in Minecraft ?

Banners in Minecraft are a customizable item that can be placed on the ground or wall, showing multiple directions. These are useful and easy to craft. Banners can be made with several colors and patterns for specific purposes. After making a blank banner, you can add additional designs to get your preferred color or pattern. Usually, the colors of banners are determined with dyes, and the patterns are designed with flowers and mob heads. However, to get your desired pattern, you will need to place the items in the crafting grid in a specific order.

How to Make A Banner in Minecraft

While making a banner, you will have many options to customize it. So, you can make your preferred design with ease. Here is how you can craft a banner in Minecraft. 

Making A Blank Banner: 

To make a blank banner in Minecraft, you will need six normal wool blocks and a stick. After making this banner, you can add different patterns to it. Here are steps for doing it. 

  • Open the crafting table and place the stick and wool blocks in it. 
  • First, put all the wool blocks in the first and second row of the crafting table. Then add the stick to the center box of the bottom row. 
  • After placing all items, you will get the banner in the inventory. Now, you can modify it as per your needs. 

Crafting A Colored Banner: 

To craft a colored banner, you will need to use six colored wool blocks instead of normal wool and a stick. Once you have all the items, go to the crafting menu and place them following the above methods. Also, make sure that you use the same color wools which color banner you want to get. Once you get the banner, you can customize it as per your need. 

Adding Patterns to Your Banner: 

You can add different patterns to your banner using a loom. If you don’t have a loom, then here are the steps to do it. To make a loom, you will need to place two wooden planks and two strings on the crafting table. You need to place two strings and two wooden blocks in the first and second boxes of the top and middle row, respectively. Now, you have completed the making of loom in Minecraft successfully. 

In the loom, there are three slots for placing a banner, banner pattern, and dye. However, adding a banner pattern is optional. Once you place the dye and banner on the loom, it will show you all the possible patterns for your banner. Now, you can select the pattern you like to add to your banner. This way, you can craft your desired banner using the loom. 

In Minecraft, there are multiple options to customize a banner. You can design the banner using corner squares, triangle shapes, diamond, brick pattern, pointed edges, lines, crossbones, skull, creeper face, and many more. However, you need to ensure that you add all the items to the crafting table properly to get your banner. This way, customizing banners in Minecraft is very simple.  


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