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How to make a cake in Minecraft ?

Is cake your favorite food item? It is one of the types of food in which most people are interested. The Minecraft application comes with a new game for crafting the cake and eating it. The game itself sounds amazing to play. It is walled in everything, such as icing and cherries and other essential items to make the cake. The following are the major steps for making the cake in Minecraft.

  1. Searching for the Materials

How to make a cake in Minecraft

If you are searching for some interesting game in Minecraft, then making a cake is a superb option. It’s quite fun to make a cake in Minecraft. The first step involves sourcing the materials.

Without the materials, it is impossible to make a delicious cake. For starters, you need the three buckets of milk. To get one click on the right of a cow by holding the bucket. Next, get a chicken egg that is easy to find in the Wilder Ness.

The chickens can be fined inside a fence. Now, it’s fine for some sugar. Getting two sugar from the sugar cane is an important ingredient in the recipe. The last material you require for the cake is wheat.

  1. Making the cake

Now it’s time to bake a cake using these special ingredients into the crafting grid. There is a proper pattern to make the cake. Read a few steps below –

  • There are the top three slots in the crafting grid. Place the three buckets of milk in those slots.
  • Use the left Centre slot for placing the sugar.
  • Fill the Centre slot by placing the egg.
  • There are three remaining bottom slots that you can fill with the wheat.
  • You can click on the shift or drag it to remove the inventory for the final action.
  1. Eating the Cake

This step might be your favorite step for creating the cake in Minecraft. The surprising fact about the cake is it has six slices in each block.

For eating the cake, you can place the block on another block. Remember that you won’t be able to eat it by holding a block. Also, place the cake in an easy place for you to build.

Now, click right on the cake if you want to eat it. Just click on the slides that you want to eat first. The best part of this is you can also share the cake with other players. Why not enjoy the six slices of the cake.

The aforementioned is a recipe that includes making a cake in Minecraft.

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