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How To Make A Flower Pot In Minecraft ?


Minecraft is widely popular crafting and adventure AAA title for most gaming platforms. Gamers playing in this game have the subjective of building lots of essential items, using them for trade and keep collecting the virtual currency. To master this game, players have to collect items and build new stuff. Among all the common things, building a flower pot is my favourite thing to do. If you are new to this game and lack the skills to build a flower pot, then we are sharing a quick guide to help you out – Requirement

  • Three Bricks

Procedure to Make a Flowerpot

Step 1 –Start by opening a Crafting Table of a 3×3 grid

Start by opening the crafting table and then you have to place the grids. Not sure what grids are required? Simply start by focusing on the key factors like adequate use of the tool. When a player melts a clay ball with a furnace and then breaks it with a silk tool, then he obtains the first brick. As you can collect bricks by this means, you need three of them. Once you have the brick, open the crafting table of the 3×3 grid.

Step 2 –Place Bricks in the Right Order

After making three bricks and keeping them in inventory, it is time to use them. Open the crafting 3×3 table and use bricks in it. You have to place one brick in the first and third boxes in the primary row. In the second row, you should place the brick in the middlebox. It will look like a “V” or a pot-shaped design. Voila! You have successfully built a flower pot in the Minecraft game.

Step 3 – Shift it to Inventory

As you have successfully created a flower pot, it is time to save this flower pot into inventory for later use and you can keep making more. You can make unlimited flower pots until you have plenty of bricks. Make sure that you keep obtaining bricks to ensure a large inventory and keep on building more stuff without lagging behind due to such common inventory issues.

Bottom Line

If you are having any problem building a flower pot or collecting bricks, you can buy virtual currencies in Minecraft using real money. We will suggest you keep patience and collect bricks by yourself instead of spending money for a kickstart.

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