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How To Make a Healing Potion In Minecraft ?


Minecraft become the most influential game in recent years among the youngster. You can find that almost everyone is playing and streaming this game online. From making wood to magical potions, there is an unimaginable possibility in this game. One can get this game for almost every gaming platform to iOS and Android smartphones.

If you are playing Minecraft and you are having a hard time winning battle arenas of Minecraft, then the easiest solution is to better your gaming technique by following some simple tips. Meanwhile, you can use a healing potion to get a better chance to win against others. Making a healing potion is easy and requires a few ingredients to begin with. Here is the complete method for making a healing potion in Minecraft.

Requirement for making Healing Potion

How To Make a Healing Potion In Minecraft

To make a healing potion in Minecraft, you would have to collect three basic items in the game. The water bottle is a common requirement among most potions and you can get it easily. Meanwhile, the other two ingredients are as follows –

  • 1 Nether Wart
  • 1 Glistering Melon
  • 1 Water Bottle

Once you have collected both items, it’s time to brew all the ingredients up to make a healing potion.

Procedure for Making Healing Potion

Step 1 -Begin with Brewing Stand Menu

Most items are made with a crafting menu, but when it comes to potions and such complicated things, then you would have to go down the road with old-style methods. Using the brewing stand is common with most types of potions. You can find it next to the crafting menu option in Minecraft.

Step 2 – Activate Brewing Stand

Any kind of chemical reaction requires the use of fire. In this game, it is activated by blaze powder that you use in the creation of fire. You can put blaze powder in the left box.

Step 3 – Adding Items

In the given boxes, add a water bottle in the bottom left box. Now add nether wart in the single box that is on the top. You can see bubbles and it will help you know when the brewing has begun. As you are brewing, the nether wart will disappear. Now, add glister melon to the top boxes.

Step 4 – Glug Glug Glug sound

As the brewing is complete and you have made a healing potion, you will get a Glug Glug Glug sound at the end. The healing potion is ready and you can move it to inventory.

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