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How to Make a Hopper in Minecraft ?


Automation can make the games more fun in some cases. This is what the hopper does in Minecraft. You can input a block or anything else in the hopper, and you will get the output at the bottom connection of the hopper. Hoppers can help you with many different creative applications, and it is certainly worth a try. Today, we will tell you how you can make a hopper in Minecraft. Check out the details below.

Steps to Make a Hopper in Minecraft
How to Make a Hopper in Minecraft

It is pretty simple to make a hopper in Minecraft. We have shared the steps in this section to enable you to make a hopper.

  • Material Required – For crafting a hopper, you would need a chest, furnace, crafting table, and five iron ingots. We have shared the process, assuming you already have a crafting table.
  • Crafting a Chest – If you don’t already have a chest, you can do that easily with the help of a crafting table. Open the crafting grid and place the eight planks in the grid. Leave the middle block blank. You can use any wood, and the planks can be obtained by processing the logs.
  • Creating Hopper – Now, open the crafting menu again to create a hopper. Place the chest in the center and make a V shape from the iron ingots in the grid. You can get the iron ingots by processing the iron ore in the furnace with the fuel.

How to Use Hopper in Minecraft?

Hopper changes the input to a specific output based on the user preference. You can throw different items in the hopper, and you will get the output at the bottom connection. You should connect the output port of the hopper to something to get the output. If it is not connected, the input will be held in the hopper inventory. If you would like to combine the hopper with the Minecart, then, in the crafting menu, you would need to place the hopper above the Minecart. You will be surprised to know that the hopper can transfer 2.5 items per second which translates to 150 items per minute.


Having a hopper in Minecraft can make the game even more fun for you. It supports logical application, and it will automate certain things for you. The output of the hopper can also be connected to the hopper, and the input will be transferred to the furnace. The hopper is usually not smart enough to recognize the fuel, so you would have to manually add the fuel to the furnace.

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