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How to Make A Lantern in Minecraft ?

Having a light source is very important in Minecraft, and there are many different light sources available in the game. You can choose from a variety of options available. The popular option for the light source in the game includes a block of glow stone, a torchlight, and a lantern. The source of light can help you illuminate the base, and at the same time, it keeps you aware of the mob presence around you. Today, we will talk about how to make a lantern in Minecraft. Go ahead and check out the details below.

How to Make A Lantern in Minecraft

How to make A Lantern in Minecraft?

Below are the detailed steps to create a lantern in Minecraft. Check them out now.

  • Material Required – To make a lantern, you need to have a torch, and in addition, you need to have eight iron nuggets to make the lantern.
  • Making a Torch – If you don’t have a torch, then you would have to start the process by making the torch first. To make a torch, you need a stick and coal. You can add the two to the crafting menu, and the torch will be ready.
  • Making Iron Nuggets – You would also need to have iron nuggets. If you have the iron ingots, you can plan the iron ingot in the crafting menu, resulting in 9 iron ingots.
  • Crafting the Lantern – By now, you should have the material ready. So, to make the lantern, place the torch in the center of the crafting menu and surround it with the iron nuggets. The result will be a lantern.
  • Soul Lantern – In the steps above, we have shared the steps to create a regular lantern in Minecraft. The only difference between the soul lantern and the traditional lantern is that the soul lantern has a blue texture to it. To make the soul lantern, you need to have a soul torch. To have a soul torch, you need soul sand while crafting the soul torch.

How to Use A Lantern in Minecraft?

Please note that you would not be able to place the lantern on a wall as you do it with a torch. You should know this before you craft a lantern so that you don’t waste resources. In addition, there are two types of lanterns available. One of them is the regular lantern, and the second one is a soul lantern.


This is how you can create the lantern. Some people have a question about how you can create a colored lantern. The truth is that the colored lantern is not available in Minecraft. You need to use a mod to make a colored lantern, and this mod is called a colored lantern. In addition, lanterns have a better light level than a torch, so the lanterns are considered better.

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