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How to Make a Painting in Minecraft ?

Have you seen people posting on social media that they created a painting of a celebrity in Minecraft? It must be a yes as you are reading this post. Creating a pixelated painting of famous people in Minecraft is getting common.

It used to look like arm and craft stuff, but it isn’t true anymore. Most people are using third-party tools for these tricks. ­­­However, if you want to create a painting item to collect in inventory, then there is an easy method to go after. We are sharing the complete guide so that you don’t have any issues during the use.

 How to Make a Painting in Minecraft


Below given are the key items that you would have to collect to start making a painting in Minecraft. You can collect these items in the game or buy them with virtual currencies.

  • 8 Sticks
  • 1 white wool

Once you have collected these items, then you can begin with the procedure.

Procedure to make Painting in Minecraft

Making a painting in Minecraft with all the given items is easier. It is all about the placement of the right item in the right column to get what you want. To make a painting, follow the given steps –

  • First of all, open the crafting menu in Minecraft. As you have opened a 3×3 crafting grid, you have to fill items in the given column to make the painting.
  • Start adding items to the boxes in the given order. First of all, add a stick in the very first row. Complete the row and then move to the second one.
  • In this row, place two sticks in the first and the last box. You will have to place a white wool in the middle box.
  • For the final row, you need to add sticks in the similar manner that you did with the first row. As all the boxes are filled with items, you can see that you have created a painting.
  • You can move this painting into the inventory and focus on building more items like this one.

As you can follow the same method to create more paintings, you can build whatever you want from the same. However, there is one more method that is getting popular to create pixelated celebrity faces in the Minecraft game. In that method, you will have to use external tools to view the picture in Minecraft and then you can create anything.

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