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How to make a server in Minecraft ?

Minecraft is a platform that gives people the imaginary place to create items according to their desires. One of the things people mostly search for is making a server in Minecraft. This guide will help you make the Minecraft server using the Java programming language.

Step 1: Get Java Edition

How to make a server in Minecraft
Creating a custom server for Minecraft requires a bunch of instructions to be used thoroughly. If anything is not there, you won’t be able to make a server. Nothing first you require is the Java edition. You cannot host the server if you have windows 10 edition, pocket, or console.

Step 2: Go with Latest Version

The next step of making a server in Minecraft involves the latest version of Java installed. The major requirement of Minecraft is the Java that is responsible for running the game. The latest version is the primary requirement to handle the server without challenges. This can be installed easily from the internet.

Step 3: Download the Server

After done with the installation of the latest version, it’s time to download a Minecraft server. But for that, you have first to go to download the server.jar files from the Minecraft website. There is a long list of Minecraft versions, but you have to click on the latest version by opening the page.

Step 4: Make use of Commands.

For creating the Minecraft server, it needs a set of commands. First, it involves introducing the batch file for launching the server. This is responsible for running the server smoothly and preventing the lag. For this, you can create a new document in the server folder.

Step 5: Set up the Properties

It’s vital to run the server smoothly to manage the properties. Many someone’s properties can be customized according to the person’s desire. That mainly depends on the Minecraft game that you want to play in the Minecraft. Open up the properties file to manage the properties according to your desires.

Step 6: Port Forward

This step is completely optional. Port forwarding is a valuable source only if you want your friends to connect with your server if they are not using the same local connection. If you are the only player who wants to play the game, then there is no need for this step. Also, port forwarding is responsible for causing issues in security.

Step 7: Connect to the Server

Lastly, it’s time to connect to your server, and that needs the various steps to follow. The first step involves running the batch file that helps launch the server easily.

The above is the step-by-step guide for creating the Minecraft server.

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