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How to Make A Sponge in Minecraft ?


One of the most exciting blocks in Minecraft is a sponge. The primary use of a sponge is to remove the water from somewhere. This is the same behavior as in the real world. Once the dry sponge absorbs water, it becomes a wet sponge. You can dry it again, and it will become a dry sponge again. This reversible nature of the sponge block makes it very unique. To give you an idea, when the sponge is placed near the water, it can absorb seven blocks of water in a go.

Steps to Make A Sponge in Minecraft

How to Make A Sponge in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make a Sponge in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

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  • Back to Basics – You might not like it, but it is not possible to craft the sponge blocks in Minecraft. You can only find them and use them. We will tell you the best way to find the wet sponge at the point below.
  • Finding Wet Sponge – You can usually obtain a wet sponge by killing an older guardian. After killing, the guardian drops the wet sponge. In addition, if you can find an ocean monument, then the chances are that you will be able to find a wet sponge there. These ocean monuments have a sponge room, and you will find thirty wet sponges in each of these sponge rooms. Please note that the sponge found in the ocean monuments breaks faster if you smash it with a hoe.
  • Drying the Sponge – If the sponge is dark green, it is wet and will not absorb any more water. If the sponge is light green, then it will be able to absorb water. The easiest way to dry the sponge is using a furnace. You can open the furnace menu and place the fuel along with the dry sponge. This will give you a dry sponge. Alternatively, if you are playing the 1.15 version or above Minecraft, you can also dry the sponge in Nether. In this space, the wet sponge will convert into a dry sponge and puff of steam.


This is how you can find the wet sponge and dry it. You can use the sponge to your advantage if you want to remove the blocks of water from any space. The sponge is easy to use, and it is one of the unique blocks in Minecraft. You can go ahead and find the block to experiment with it. The sponge is also available in the bedrock edition, and It behaves similarly.

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