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How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft ?

Minecraft is one of the leading AAA titles that have got the nerve of every gamer. You can find everyone playing this game around the globe, and the key reason is simple gameplay, crafting items and battling with other players. No other game is as competitive as this one.

You can find lots of stuff in the game and use that to make new items.

From guns to making an end portal, Minecraft has given a lot to its players. So, if you are in this game and willing to make an end portal, then you can do it in simple ways. Here is a complete method along with required items that can help you make an end portal.
How To Make An End Portal In Minecraft

Requirement for an End Portal

You can use the below-given items to create an end portal in the Minecraft game. Keep in mind that you need the same quantity to begin –

  • 12 End portal frames
  • 12 Eyes of the Ender

Once you have collected these materials, you can begin creating an end portal in the game. Let’s learn the procedure below.

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Procedure to Create an End Portal

  1. Build the Frame

You can use the end portal frame to build the outline of the end portal. To begin, start placing three end portal frames to create a line. Now on the other side, place three frames to create an L shape design. Keep using the end portal frames in the same way to build an outline or square-shaped frame. Make sure that you are aligning the frame with the green part inside. If you are pointing it outward, then the end portal is not going to work in such situations.

  1. Add Eye of Ender

The process is completed by filling the square-shaped frame with the eye of the ender. You have 12 blocks to fill and you also need 12 Eye of Ender in this procedure. Once you start filling from the top, keep going until the portal is complete.

  1. Going to Ender Dragon

After filling the frame, it will be activated and you can use it. As you jump, it will take you to the ender dimension so that you can fight with the ender dragon here. This is the fastest and easiest way to end the game. However, you must prepare yourself for the fight and win in the end.

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