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How To Make Bucket in Minecraft ?

Minecraft is undoubtedly a well-known free game for a wide range of platforms. With the increasing popularity, developers are alarmingly adding new features, fun tweaks and more new objects to craft in the game.

How To Make Bucket in Minecraft

One can better their gameplay by focusing on learning new techniques and having every essential item in the inventory. A Minecraft gamer can also make a bucket in the game among all the popular items. You might think that what’s the requirement? There are some specific challenges that you can’t overcome without having a bucket.

It is challenging to figure out everything yourself, so we made a quick and easy to follow guide for beginners. Let’s get started with the making of a bucket.

Requirement for making a bucket

To make a bucket, you will apparently need some basic ingredients. These ingredients are as follows –

  • Three iron ingots
  • Crafting table
  • Furnace

Basically, there is only one item you need to make a bucket, others items are required to complete the job. Once you have everything, it’s time to learn the procedure.

Procedure For Making a Bucket

Step 1 – Get into Crafting Menu

To begin the process, open the crafting menu in the game and go for a 3×3 grid option. It is all about placing the ingredient in the right position to make what you want.

Step 2 – Add Ingredients

After opening the crafting menu, it is time to add ingredients to the box. You have to place three iron ingots in the right position to make a bucket. Place one iron ingot in the first box of the first row and place the second ingot in the last box of the same row. In the second row, it is time to place the iron ingot in the middlebox.

Step 3 – Voila!

Once you are done completing the whole procedure, you have the bucket ready to use. Move the bucket into inventory, and you can have fun playing the game. Make sure that if you want to make more buckets then you will need three times the iron ingots for the number of buckets you want to collect.

Bottom Line

Above given are some of the main steps that you can follow to get a bucket. You can master this game by keep on learning new things and improving your strategy. We hope you have a great time playing Minecraft.

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