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How to make chains in Minecraft ?

How to make chains in Minecraft

A chain in Minecraft games is a new decorative item. The introduction of the chain is in the Nether Update. The beginners should follow a tutorial to make chains for playing games. These will include some instructions for successfully creating chains during the games. The playing of the games is possible with any update after crafting the chains.

Before you start following the instructions, you need to collect some items. It will allow you to play on different versions. So, let us start exploring the materials and steps for getting the best gaming experience.

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Required materials for Minecraft games 

  • Iron Ingot
  • Iron Nuggets

You have to collect these items for the creation of the chains in the Minecraft server. These are beneficial for crafting the chain according to the playing requirements.

Steps to craft a chain in the Minecraft server 

The following are the steps that you need to follow for creating a chain in the Minecraft game. Playing on Survival mode with the chains delivers the best gaming experience to the gamers.

Open the crafting menu 

First, you should open your crafting table for the creation of a 3*3 crafting grid. It is the foremost requirement for getting chains in Minecraft games. Make sure that you are crafting the table as per the requirement to start decorating the game.

Add items to make a chain 

In the crafting menu, there is a need to fill the table with the items collected. The table has 3*3 sizes for one iron ingot and two iron nuggets. The filling of the items is on the table for getting the right chain for Minecraft games. It is important to place the items in the correct pattern to have the best chains.

In the first row, you should place the iron nugget in the middlebox. In the second row, you can place an iron ingot for crafting the chain. At last, in the bottom row, there is placing of another nugget for chains. It will allow you to get the best chain for playing the games.

Moving the chain to the inventory 

Do not forget to move the chain to the inventory. It will allow you to add new items to the games to enhance the playing experience. You can get the decorative item whenever you require to play the games.

So, these are the instructions that you should follow for the creation of the chain in the Minecraft server.

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