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How to Make Cookies in Minecraft ?


Your player would get hungry in the game, and you would need to provide him with the food. There are different ways to get the food, including eating what the animal drops after you kill them. You can also create a farm and grow your food. Alternatively, you can craft the food and eat it, and you heard it right, you can make cookies in Minecraft. So, how do you make the cookies in the game? Move on to the next section and find it yourself.

Steps to Make Cookies in Minecraft

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make Cookies in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

  • Material Required – You only need two ingredients to craft cookies in the game. These ingredients include cocoa beans and wheat.
  • Wheat – Finding wheat is relatively easy. You can start by crafting a hoe. If you don’t already have a hoe, then you would need two planks and two sticks to get the hoe. In the crafting grid, place the planks in the second and the third block of the first row. Then, place the sticks in the center block of the second and third row to get the hoe. You need to make a farm around a water block using the hoe. Break the tall grass to find the seeds. Please place them in the farmland and wait for the wheat to grow. The bone meal often works as a catalyst, and adding it would increase the speed of the growth. Break the growth, and you will be able to harvest the wheat.
  • Cocoa – To find cocoa, you need to find the jungle biome first. You would have to look for cocoa beans hanging from the tree in the jungle biome.
  • Making Cookies – To make cookies, you would need to open the grafting menu. In the first and the second block of the second row, place the wheat. In the center block, place cocoa. The result of this combination will be cookies.


This was the process of creating cookies in the game. It is also possible to create fun treats in the game. Please note that the cookies have a low saturation level. This means that hunger would have less impact once you eat cookies. So, you would not be able to use cookies as a primary food source. You will need other things to eat as well. With this, we will conclude the space. Don’t forget to look for other interesting How-To articles on this website.

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