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How to Make Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft?


Potions in Minecraft can improve your capabilities and effectiveness. There are many such potions available in the game, but the most popular one is the Fire Resistance Potion which can make you immune to the effects of fire. The fire resistance potion lets you travel through lava and do similar tricks. Check out the next section to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft.

Steps to Make Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

Here are the detailed steps to make a fire resistance potion.
How to Make Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

  • Material Required – To make a fire resistance potion, you will need a brewing stand, blaze powder, water, glass bottles, magma cream and nether wart.
  • Nether – First step of the process is to travel to the nether. For this, you need to build a portal by placing an obsidian 4×5 in size. You also need to light the portal, for which you would need flint and steel. Place iron ingot and flint on the crafting menu to make flint and steel. After lighting the portal, a purple gate will open, and you can move into it.
  • Nether Fort – Now, you would need to find a nether fort. You would need to find one to make the potion. The fort is made of red and purple hues. You will also find red fungus in the fort, which is a nether wart.
  • Magma cream – One ingredient of the fire resistance potion is magma cream. You will find black and red slimes. Hunt them to get the magma cream.
  • Brew Stand and Fuel – You also need to defeat the blaze to get the blaze rods. This is also required to make a brewing stand. In addition, they are also used as fuel. Using the blaze rods, you can get blaze powder as well. Place the blaze rod in the centre of the crafting menu and place the cobblestone in the bottom row to get the brew stand.
  • Glass Bottle & Water – Glass bottles are made using the crafting table. You need some sand to get the glass in the furnace. Place the glass in a V shape in the second and third row of the crafting grid to get a glass bottle. Water can be gathered from the water blocks.
  • Crafting fire resistance potion – To get the potion, open the brewing stand. Place the blaze powder on the top left slot. Place the water bottle at the bottom three slots of the brewing stand. Also, place the nether wart in the top slot. This will give you the awkward potion. Now open the brewing stand again and place the magma cream on top and water glass at the bottom. The result will be a fire resistance potion.


This is how you can create a fire resistance potion. The effect of the fire resistance potion lasts for three minutes. If you add Redstone to the potion, the fire resistance potion will last for eight minutes. Keep an eye on the time, which can make the game more fun for you.

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