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How to Make Glass pane in Minecraft ?


There are many building blocks in Minecraft, and glass panes are one of them. The glass panes have a particular advantage as they let the light in. In addition, the glass panes also shield the player from attacks. Some mobs are not able to see your player inside the glass pane. In the woodland mansions and villages, glass panes are found in the windows. If you are in Savanna village temple, you will find red stained glass panes. Today, we will tell you how to make glass panes in Minecraft.

Steps to Make Glass pane in Minecraft

How to Make Glass pane in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make a glass pane in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

  • Material Required – The only material you need to make glass panes is the glass blocks.
  • Glass – Making glass is straightforward. This process has been shared, assuming you have already crafted the furnace. In the furnace, add the fuel along with the sand block. This will convert the sand block into the glass. You need six glass blocks to make a glass pane.
  • Glass Pane – To make the glass pane, you need to open the crafting menu. In the grid, place the glass into the first two rows. This will give you 16 glass panes. If you would like to make stained glass panes. To get the stained glass, you can place eight glass blocks in the crafting menu along with a dye in the centre block. This recipe will give you coloured glass panes.

How to Use Glass pane in Minecraft?

Once you have the glass panes, you can place them in the inventory and use them like any other building block. Please note that placing the glass panes in a flat or horizontal position is not possible. If you are trying to make a glass floor, you would have to use the glass blocks.


This is how you can make glass panes. You can experiment with various dyes, and we are sure that you will love the tint. Please note that the water can’t pass through the glass panes. In addition, there are two types of the mob in the game. One mob type can break the glass panes, and others can’t. The process of creating regular and tinted glass is relatively easy. The sand and the fuel are available in abundance, so the glass panes won’t prove to be an expensive build.

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