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How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft ?

You will be surprised to know that there are as many as 16 dyes in Minecraft, and these dyes can be used for many things. Some of the dyes in the game are only for cosmetic purposes, while others can be used for other things. One of the most challenging parts of the game is to obtain the green dye. The peculiar thing about the green dye is that it doesn’t come from the flowers but comes from the cactus plant. So, if you are trying to make the green dye in Minecraft, you are on the right page. Go check out the process to make green dye in the section below.

How to make Green Dye in Minecraft?

how to make green dye in minecraft

Follow the steps that we have documented below to make the Green Dye.

  • Material Required – You need only three things to make a green die. This includes cactus, fuel, and furnace. We have also shared the steps to procure the material in the pointers below.
  • Locating the Cactus – The most important part of the green dye is the cactus. You need to find the cactus. You can find it in the basement of igloos, and you can find the cactus in the desert. If you find one block of cactus, then you will also be able to grow it by using one block of sand. While procuring the cactus, start by hitting the bottom-most block.
  • Creating the Furnace – In this step, you will need to create the furnace. We have already shared resources around the creation of the furnace. You would need eight cobblestones to make the furnace. Place it down and move on to the next step.
  • Making Green Dye – To make the dye, open the furnace and place the cactus on the top. At the bottom, you can place coal or charcoal as fuel, which will cook the cactus and convert it into a green die.


This is how you can create the green dye. It is always better to collect a block of sand and grow cactus to have an infinite cactus source. Also, the two blocks of cactus can’t grow adjacent to each other. You can use the green die to personalize your companion or color the cat’s collar. You can also use green dye to make different colors by combining them. The fun part is that you can even color the sheep to get green wool. You can now try creating other dyes, too, and we assure you that you will love it.

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