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How to Make Lectern in Minecraft ?


Lectern is a type of furniture that is used for holding books in most of the cases. In Minecraft you can make lecterns too. You can either use it to hold the book or you can use it as a furniture. For those who don’t know what a lectern is, it is very similar to a podium. If you are in a village and if you want someone to be a librarian then you would need a lectern. Today, we are going to tell you how you can craft a lectern in Minecraft. Go ahead and check out the sections below.

How to make Lectern in Minecraft?
How to Make Lectern in Minecraft

You can follow the steps documented below to create a lectern.

  • Material Required – To make a lectern in Minecraft, you would need four wooden slabs and a bookshelf. Please note that the procedure is documented by assuming that you already have a crafting table.
  • Making Bookshelf – We have already documented the process to make a bookshelf. The process is fairly simple but you would need to have leather for making bookshelf. The leather comes from the cow and hence it may take some effort to make a bookshelf. Cows are usually found in the grassland. For making the books, you would also need paper which can be derived from the sugarcane blocks.
  • Making a Lectern – Making a lectern is fairly simple if you have a bookshelf. To start making the lectern, please chop the trees and obtain the wooden block. Once you have the wooden block, go ahead and turn them into planks. You would need place three planks of food in the top row. In the middle row, place the bookshelf in the center and in the bottom row, place the plank in the center. This will be crafted into a lectern.


Lectern is mainly used as a job block for the villagers. If an unassigned villager comes near a lectern, he will be able to become a librarian. Any regular book can be converted into an enchantment book with help of a librarian. You can also keep refreshing the librarian’s inventory to get new items. Apart from this, you can use the lectern as a furniture too. By using the lectern, you can even get an unlimited supply of the enchantment books. So, you can try a lot of different things by creating a lectern. On this website, you will also find the ways to create books, bookshelves and a lot of other things. So, go ahead and explore all the things.

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