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How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft ?


There are many different potions in Minecraft. Some can make you resistant to fire, and some can give you superhuman strength. Another type of unique potion is the Night Vision Potion, which can make you see in the dark. This potion is excellent for swimming in the ocean too. So, we decided to share the process of making a night vision potion with you. Check out the details below.

Steps to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

How to Make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make Night Vision Potion in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

  • Material Required – To make a night vision potion, you need a brewing stand, water bottles, blaze powder, golden carrot and nether wart.
  • Blaze Powder – Blaze powder can be obtained by putting the blaze sticks on the crafting menu. To get the blaze sticks, you need to defeat the blaze enemies. This is required to make the brewing stand, and it is also the fuel for the brewing stand. The blaze enemies can only be found in the nether portal.
  • Brewing Stand – You can make a brewing stand by placing the blaze rod in the centre and then placing the three pieces of cobblestone at the bottom.
  • Water Bottles – Water bottles are made of glass so that you can put some sand in the furnace. This will turn the sand into glass, and you can make the glass bottle by placing the glass in the crafting menu in a V shape. Fill the water bottles with the water.
  • Nether Wart – Another important component to make the night vision potion is the nether wart, and this can be grown in the overworld if you have a soul stand. You can also find this in the nether fortress.
  • Golden Carrot – To make golden carrots, you need one carrot and eight gold nuggets. You can find carrots in any village. You can find gold ore below the Y level 31. You can smelt the ore to get gold ingot which can be further processed into golden nuggets. Place the carrot in the centre of the crafting menu and surround it with the carrots.
  • Night Vision Potion – Open the brewing stand and place the blaze powder in the top left slot. This will act as fuel. Now, place the three water bottles at the bottom of the brewing stand. In the top slot, place the nether wart. This will create an awkward potion. Now place the golden carrot on the top again, creating the night vision potion.


This is how you can create a night vision potion. You can use it in caves, oceans or similar places and you will be able to see everything around. This potion is especially useful in finding things underwater or in caves.

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