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How to Make Shears in Minecraft ?


You need sheep’s wool in Minecraft for various things. For generating the sheep wool effectively, you would need shears. In addition, you will be able to use shears on the mushrooms, beehives, pumpkins and other things. This tool is unique, and you can craft Shear very easily. Today, we will share the detailed process with you to make Shear in Minecraft. Go ahead and check out the steps in the next section.

How to Make Shears in Minecraft

Steps to Make Shears in Minecraft

Let us now look at the steps to make the Shear in Minecraft.

  • Material Required – You only need two iron ingots to make shears in Minecraft. The steps listed below are with the assumption that you already have a furnace and a crafting table.
  • Iron Ingot – If you don’t have an iron ingot, then open the furnace menu. Place the iron ore on the top and place the fuel at the bottom. This will give you iron ingots. Please note that the iron ore can only be mined using the stone pickaxe or anything better than the stone pickaxe.
  • Shear – To make the Shear, you can start by opening the crafting menu. In the next step, place one iron ingot in the centre block of the first row. Place the second iron ingot in the first block of the second row. The result of this combination will be Shear.

How to Use Shears in Minecraft?

Using the Shear is also very easy. Once you locate the sheep, go near it and click on the Shear from the inventory. Now, click on the sheep, and the result will be wool. This way, you can gather wool without killing the sheep. You will get one to three wool when you shear. Soon, the sheep will regrow the wool, and you can shear it again. This is why we call it the most effective tool for shearing wool.


This was the process of making a shear in Minecraft. The process is easy, and you have a lot of uses for the Shear. You can place it in your inventory list and shear the sheep when required. Don’t try and shear a cow using this tool, as this would not work. You can also use the Shear to carve the pumpkin and build a lantern out of it. The Shear is also very useful when breaking blocks like leaves and cobwebs.

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