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How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft ?

Minecraft provides people with a world for the making and preparing an adventure with limitless possibilities. People can explore the Minecraft landscape, which is immense fun and excitement. The fact of the application is if you dream of it, you can make it. In Minecraft, smooth mining stone can be done easily with a few steps.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Here are the steps to making smooth Stone in Minecraft –

Step 1

The first step to making the smooth Stone in Minecraft involves gathering cobblestone. But, the work is not done yet. It requires coal as well. Gather it too! The crafting table helps to make a furnace, which can be done by filling the table with cobblestone leaving the middle space.

Step 2

To make the further process, it is vital to open the furnace menu so that you can have the furnace. The next important step is to add fuel to the furnace at the bottom box of the furnace. The fuel can be taken from anything such as wood or coal. But, to prepare the Stone, it is good to go with the coal.

Step 3

To make the smooth Stone, it is important to take care of the items you are adding. First, place the Stone in the top box of the furnace. Then, to look at whether the Stone is cooking or not, you can check out through the flames.

Step 4

People need to take care of small things. For example, keep the cobblestone at the top of your furnace and the smelting source at the bottom space. It gives you a stone.

Step 5

The next step of making the smooth Stone involves using the silk touch. Finally, it’s time to go mining a block of Stone by using the silk touch with a pickaxe. This process helps you to get the Stone instead of cobblestone.

Step 6

The next step involves using cheats, but it is important to check the cheats are enabled. If you find that the cheats are not enabled, you can turn them on by using a PC. To make it happen, there is a standard button with the action of t.

Step 7

There is a specific command to make a cheat, and you can replace it to make the stone blocks you want. It can be done by simply following the commands of typing the cheat.

The above are the steps to prepare the smooth Stone in Minecraft.

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