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How to Make Strength Potion in Minecraft ?


Another type of potion that you can make in Minecraft is Strength Potion. This potion can give you additional strength for combats, improving your attack power. You can use this potion while fighting wither or the dragon. If you find it difficult to defeat any enemy, the Strength Potion is the key to winning. Let us now move ahead and see how can you brew the Strength Potion.

Steps to Make Strength Potion in Minecraft
How to Make Strength Potion in Minecraft

Below are the steps to make Strength Potion in Minecraft. Go ahead and check them out now.

  • Material Required – You need quite a few things to brew the Strength Potion. This includes Blaze Powder, Glass Bottles, Brewing Stand, Nether Wart and Water.
  • Blaze Powder – Enter the nether wart by creating the portal with the help of the obsidian block. Once you are in the nether world, find the nether fortress. In the fort, you will find blaze enemies. On killing the blaze enemy, you will get blaze rods. To get the blaze powder, you can keep some rods and process some in the crafting menu.
  • Brewing Stand – You need to make the brewing stand to brew the Strength Potion. To do this, you need to open the crafting menu and place the blaze rod in the center. Also, place the cobblestones in the bottom row.
  • Glass Bottles – If you don’t already have a glass slab, you can make it using the furnace and the sand. After this, place the glass in a V shape in the crafting menu, giving you glass bottles. Go near the water source and fill the glass bottles with the water.
  • Nether Wart – The next step here is to get the nether wart. You can find it in a nether fort near the mushrooms.
  • Strength Potion – Open the brewing stand. Place the three bottles at the bottom of the brewing stand. Once that is done, place the Nether wart on the top of the brewing stand. Use the blaze powder as fuel. This will give you a Strength Potion.


The Strength Potion lasts three minutes, and you will get an extra heart after drinking the potion. In addition, the attack strength will improve, and the damage you deal with would reduce by 50%. This potion is handy for fighting bosses and dragons. Please note that the strength potion will only benefit you with the melee weapons. You can also try making the potion in creative mode if you would first like to experiment with it.

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