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How to Make White Dye in Minecraft ?


There are as many as 16 different types of colour dyes available in Minecraft. Most of the dyes don’t serve any purpose, but they can help you add more colours to the game. Usually, the white dye is considered to be slightly tricky to make. We also understand that you want to make a white dye to stand out in the game. Today, we will tell you how you can make white dye in Minecraft.

Steps to Make White Dye in Minecraft

How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

Let us now look at the steps to make white dye in Minecraft.

  • Material Required – You can make white dye using two things in Minecraft. The first is the Lily of the Valley, or you can use the second thing, that is the bonemeal.
  • Bonemeal – It is impossible to find the bonemeal in the direct form. Instead, you would need to craft it. You need bones to craft the bonemeal. The skeleton enemies often drop the bones so you can collect them. One bone can help you get three bonemeals. You are most likely to find the skeleton enemies in a mine shaft and another dark place.
  • Lily of Valley – The next important ingredient of the white dye is the lily of the valley. You can find the lily of the valley in birch forest hills, forest flowers and birch forest. You can left-click and hold the lily to collect it.
  • White Dye – If you make the white dye using the bonemeal, you can open the crafting table and place the bones in the centre box. Once you have the bonemeal, you can again open the crafting table and place the bonemeal in the first box. This will give you the white dye. If you wish to use a lily to make a white dye, you can place the white lily in the first box of the grid, and you will get the white dye.

How to Use White Dye in Minecraft?

Once you have the white dye, you will be able to use it to dye various things. You can use them with the firework stars, the colour of pets, glass, clay or even leather armour. You need to place the dye with the relevant artefact, and the result will be the coloured artefact. You can use this dye to be creative and make your game look better.


These were the detailed steps to making the dye. The colours can certainly make the game more fun. You can explore the process of making different types of dye as well, and this will give you freedom with your creativity.

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