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How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft ?

Minecraft has many spices out of which foxes are great to have as a friend. They are cute and can offer a better experience in the game. In order to have a fox as your friend, you will need to tame one. If you want to do that, then this guide is for you. Before making them your friend, you need to know about foxes in Minecraft  . Here is how you can tame foxes and make them your friend .   

How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

Finding Foxes in Minecraft: 

First, you will need to find the foxes in Minecraft to be friends with them. Since foxes stay active at night, you can search for foxes in dark areas in the game. So, it can be a little harder to get them. Also, this may get dangerous, so you need to ensure that you can take care of your new pet from attackers. While finding other animals in Minecraft is simple, you may feel a bit hard to find a fox. 

Since they love to stay in colder places, you can find them in colder forests on the surface. Taiga, snowy biomes and giant tree taiga are some common locations where you can see foxes. They usually spawn in these areas. You can find them in a group of two or four. Foxes generally spawn at night and have a chance of 5 percent to produce baby foxes. Some foxes are also available in taiga villages that you can see in your world. The foxes in snowy biomes are white while in taiga regions are red. Those who want to tame a certain color of foxes can go to the respective area for that. 

Taming Foxes in Minecraft: 

Because foxes are shy in nature, they will scurry away from you. So, you need to follow a simple method to do it. Foxes love sweet berry very much. So, to tame a fox, you should take some sweet berry with you so that they will get convinced easily. This way, you can tame the foxes and make them your friend. When you have two foxes who believe you, they will give you several items that they find. Also, there is a chance of breeding. 

The benefit of breeding two tamed foxes is that the procreated fox will be automatically faithful to you. If you want to tame more foxes, then this is the best way to do that. To do that, you need to give both foxes one-one sweet berry. Then the product of these two foxes will be tamed to you by default. However, the hatched fox will follow other foxes instead of following you. So, you can use a strap to bring them away from other foxes so that they will only follow you. The tamed foxes will also want to harm your enemies who want to harm you. 

So, this is the method of taming foxes in Minecraft. You need to search them in the colder forests and get the loyal foxes for you. When they trust you, you can make them your friends.      

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