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How To Trade In Bitcoin Markets

How To Trade In Bitcoin Markets

Getting into bitcoin trading is all the rage these days, and many long term investors find themselves dabbling in a little cryptocurrency here and there. When you consider the headlines that things like bitcoin have made in recent years, it is hardly surprising. Everyone wants to know how they can get a slice of that pie, but not everyone knows how to begin getting their plate out for it. Cryptocurrency, be it bitcoin or any other, can be a little tricky to trade with at first. It is why many would go to or similar platforms when new to the practise. Here, though, we have gathered some information to help you get to grips with the crypto for sale.

Methods of Trading

When it comes to trading bitcoins, there are three major methods that most investors use. Note that investors tend to stay away from mining the coins themselves, and instead buy into the market much like traditional stocks. With that in mind, let’s get to the first option.

Bitcoin Exchange

A bitcoin exchange is a system that store large amounts of this, and often other, cryptocurrency. People often start on these sites by buying in, taking the coins off of the exchange and into their own private wallets where they then trade them on at a later date. Whilst this is the common method, these platforms can be risky as due to the unregulated manner of bitcoin there is no government eye on the pot, as it were. Make sure to do your research before buying in if you’re going for this method to ensure you are using a legitimate exchange to get your coins.


CFD trading, or “contract for difference” trading, is when a buyer agrees to pay the difference to the seller between the current value of an item and its value at a later, agreed upon time. It is used in a lot of financial markets, so of course it has made its way onto the bitcoin scene. They are a global option, which makes them very popular, and people will often uses these as a form of hedging tool to help keep themselves secure in their trading portfolio. It depends on the circumstances, but you may be able to offset your losses in this method against profit for tax purposes, which is another reason people like this platform.

Spread Betting

First thing’s first with this method: Spread betting is only available in the UK and Ireland. No where else. Handy for those who live there, not so much for those anywhere else. Still, if you happen to be in those regions then make sure you give it a try. This method allows you to trade on the price movements of the cryptocurrency tax-free. The method is simple: You open based on if you think the price will rise or fall, and gain/lose based on that assessment. Because it is a leveraged product, you don’t need to spend a lot to get into it too, which is helpful.

After reading all of this, you will likely have one of two responses. Either you’re raring to go and begin trading bitcoin, or you’re still confused and unsure about things. No worries if you’re the latter – just read it again, or look for more information online. Bitcoin is not for everyone, and that’s part of why the market acts the way it does. So keep an open mind, keep learning, and one day you’ll be ready to tackle it too. If you are ready now, however, then good luck! Remember, buy low, sell high, and the sky’s the limit. 

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