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Hugging Face 15mdillettechcrunch

Hugging Face made it to the news after they built an application that can enable you to chat with an artificial BFF. This was more like a chatbot, and it was an instant hit among teenagers. The mobile app downloads grew exponentially over time. Another major milestone by the Hugging Face was the release of the natural language open-source library. Many other developers are using the library, and this turned out to be a successful product from the Hugging Face. This open-source library is called Transformers, and over the years, it has been downloaded by millions of users. The project is hosted on GitHub and has gathered over 19,000 stars. This proves that Hugging Face Transformers is a foundational building block for natural language tools. Even the researchers at Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have been experimenting with Hugging Face.

Hugging Face 15mdillettechcrunch

What is Hugging Face 15mdillettechcrunch ?

The artificial BFF mobile app was launched in 2017, and since then, Hugging Face has also proved that the chatbot for customer support doesn’t have to be based on a command line interface. The virtual BFF app spoke to the user in natural language and understood the user’s emotions. After the emotion detection, the app is used to modify the response according to the user’s emotions and state of mind.

As per a recent article on TechCrunch from Romanain Dillet, Hugging Face raised $15m. The new funding was granted during the funding round, and Lux Capital led the latest round. Other participants in this funding round were Betawork, A Capital, Greg Brockman, Richard Socher, and Kevin Durant. After the funding round, Brandon Reeves from Lux Capital also mentioned that the technology behind Hugging Face is solid. He mentioned that many companies are working in image processing and computer vision, but very few companies have made good progress in the natural language domain.

The technology for Hugging Face has also been in use by some companies. Monzo, a bank in the UK, has also been using Hugging Face for support chatbots. The Transformers can be used for information extraction, text classifications, text generation, summarization, and other AI-related uses. So Hugging Face 15mdillettechcrunch means Hugging Face Raises $15 Million For Upcoming Project .

The new funding will help the company develop tools and grow its headcount. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this natural language start-up.

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