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Inventory Control Made Easy with Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Inventory management is a necessary task in any business, and until recently, it has been a difficult one to complete. The bulky nature of the software used to manage inventory made it time-consuming and tedious for the average businessperson. However, with the introduction of cloud-based inventory management technology, processes for this key task have been made much more efficient and streamlined!

What is Inventory Management?

Cloud based inventory management software is designed to help you manage inventory in your business. It helps you by tracking the quantity of items, providing forecasts for sales and production, and monitoring shipment dates. It also features a receptionist mode which allows you to transform your website into an easy-to-use reception desk. In addition to this, it also has an email broadcast feature which allows you to send out customized emails to your customers. Its powerful reporting capabilities allow managers and executives to analyze the sales performance of their stores or warehouses.

How does inventory management work?

One way is to use barcodes and RFID tagging. This makes it much easier for the business to manage inventory levels, as well as reduce costs because there are fewer issues with lost or damaged items. Inventory management software allows you to track inventory in real time, which will help keep your business running smoothly. For small and medium businesses, inventory control is often a struggle. Inventory management always takes time, with the potential for mistakes that cost your business money. Inventory management with the cloud is fast and easy, allowing you to manage your stocks from anywhere in the world.

Types of inventory control systems

Inventory Management Systems can be broken up into three major types. The first category is the physical systems that keep inventory on site. The second category is the traditional paper-based systems which are not as popular as they once were. Lastly, there are the cloud-based systems which provide inventory control software to help you manage inventory and stocks remotely.

Benefits of using a cloud based system

Global companies are used to being connected and taking advantage of technology. Cloud-based inventory management is one of the latest technologies that are beginning to take off in the business world. Using cloud-based inventory management provides many benefits, such as: effective communication, increased efficiency, and increased security.

Pros and Cons of Inventory Tracking Systems

The pros for implementing a cloud-based inventory management system are that it can be cheaper, easier, and more efficient. The cons of choosing to use an online inventory management system are that clients may not have access to their own data and the protection of their intellectual property might be at risk.

How to install an inventory tracking system

Cloud-based inventory management solutions like Shopify, Big commerce, and others are a great option for new businesses. These systems will instantly create an online storefront and can also be integrated with other systems such as point of sale or payroll so that all data is stored in one location.


As the company’s inventory increases, they are finding it unnecessary to send their employees to the warehouse. This has led them to use a cloud based inventory program that allows them to do everything remotely. With this software, employees can keep track of their inventories and receive alerts if there is an issue with stock.


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