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The Logo Rules: Guidelines To Live By When Designing Your Logo

Many people think that any old design they create can be turned into their logo. However, there’s a lot more that goes into creating a brand logo.

We’ve got a list of things you need to consider when designing a logo for your business.

The Logo Rules: Guidelines To Live By When Designing Your Logo

Keep It Simple

Although a visual memory is a lot more effective, a complicated design could take a lot of time to remember. Keeping it unique doesn’t mean that you have to add complicated patterns. Instead, think of a simple design that has the power to stand out.

To give you an idea of what simple design logos look like, here‘s a handy list.

Special Effects

It is never a good idea to add drop shadows and other gimmicks to your logo, no matter how much you’re tempted. Too many special effects will only serve to complicate your logo; remember to keep it simple.

A couple of years ago, logos would only appear in limited environments like letterheads, banners, and billboards. Today, though, they’re practically everywhere. The complex aspects of your logo might not translate well onto (say) the shopping bags from your website.


Your logo will go out onto every possible location to promote your business. Make sure that it can withstand so many representations.

It also needs to look good, and recognizable on all kinds of backgrounds. You also need to have a good black-and-white version of your logo that suits grayscale, and low-resolution videos and images.


When it comes to small images, only simple ones are able to stand out clearly if they’re viewed from afar. The text portion of your logo is often the most important part. In smaller sizes, the text in your logo shouldn’t look scrawny and illegible.


The color is an extremely important aspect of your logo design.

With a little research, you can understand what colors might suit your logo. You use this list of all the colors in the universe to find a unique color for your brand.

As a rule of thumb, avoid using more than two different colors in your logo.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of any image is the ratio between the height and the width of the image.

You don’t want a logo that is too tall or too wide. The best (or most recommended) design for a logo is a square. The square is the most adaptable design, and can be used on any background along with any kind of artwork.

Logo Footprint

The footprint is the amount of physical space your logo needs to fit onto a page. If the edges of your logo are crooked or are poking out, this might affect the amount of space it requires. It might have to be scaled down a lot to fit into a smaller space.

There are several online logo making tools available, where you can design your own logo free of cost. E-commerce website builders like Shopify also provide logo builders on their platform. One good thing about using these services is that you can address both your logo and website needs on the same platform – and get to business faster!

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