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Managing Queue: 5 Ways To Keep Customers Safe During COVID-19

Current Covid rules place a larger responsibility on businesses to keep their customers safe and reduce their exposure to the virus. You will have to put forth a tremendous effort to keep your customers safe, as well. The following are five ways you can do that:

1. Enforce Social Distancing

One important step you can take for your customers is to enforce social distancing rules and standards. The current standard is to keep people at least six feet away from other people to prevent the Covid virus transmission. Therefore, you should make an effort to monitor the distance your customers keep from other people and enforce the rule if necessary. Alternatively, you can place markings on the floor to help your customers to see the distance they should keep.

2. Implement More Self-Service Options

Implement self-service options can help keep your customers’ exposure to Covid down, as well. For example, you can place a self-ordering kiosk on the inside or outside of your establishment. Your clients can use the kiosk to order foods and products to prevent lines from forming. The kiosk will help keep everyone a little bit safer.

3. Increase Your Sanitation Efforts

Sanitation was always an important aspect of business management. It’s even more important now. You can protect your customers by increasing your sanitation efforts within the store. For example, you should sanitize the business two times every hour if you’re used to doing it once an hour. Ensure the employees who handle the sanitation efforts have the appropriate amount of personal protective equipment.

4. Require Masks for Entrance

Another measure you can take to keep your customers safe is to require them to wear masks if they’d like to enter your facility. Masks can help to contain the spread of harmful germs. Your effort to enforce mask-wearing practices will show your customers that you care about their welfare. Some consumers might be upset about your new standard, but it’s an acceptable and understandable practice at this time. Furthermore, your business has the right to request that its visitors wear masks. Don’t be afraid to set a standard during this challenging time.

5. Stock up on Supplies for Workers

Finally, stocking up on sanitary supplies and protective equipment is an excellent way to keep all of your customers safe. You need to ensure that all of your employees have the proper equipment for themselves as well as other people. For example, you’ll want to stock up on disposable gloves to help your workers to avoid touching items that may be contaminated. They will also keep your customers safe when they’re interacting with your workers. Ensuring that such workers have bottles of sanitizer will also protect them and your customers. Make a strong effort to check the stock of sanitary items and then order enough to keep your staff prepared at all times.

The above-mentioned tips are a few ways you can try to protect your clients from Covid-19. Start incorporating some of these activities into your business operations daily.

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