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Men’s Best Luxury Watch: Looking Into Some Of Panerai’s Most Luxurious Watches

Men are a straightforward human being; they don’t usually spend so much time deciding on anything they want. But when talking about luxury watches, men will suddenly become meticulous. Buying a luxury watch isn’t easy; you need to have every detail about that watch before deciding to buy; with that, here are some of Panerai’s best men luxury watches.

Men’s Best Luxury Watch: Looking Into Some Of Panerai’s Most Luxurious Watches

Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo – 44MM

Panerai or Officine Panerai, whatever you call it, it’s still one of the best luxurious watch brands right now. Panerai is an Italian manufacturer of men’s luxury watches. Unlike other watch brands out there, Panerai designs and manufactures their watches and sends them out to various authorized Panerai stores or retailers.

Enough with the brand background, it’s time to talk about the Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo 44MM. This very luxurious watch can cost you at least $30,000, which means you can only buy this watch if you have a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench. Kidding aside, it’s not a cheap watch at all, and to be able to own this kind of watch is a one of a kind privilege.

Looking into its movement, the Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo is an automatic mechanical, and it’s using a P.900 Caliber. It also features Incabloc, which means this watch can stand hard impacts. You’ll get specific functions from the Goldtech Orocarbo are date, seconds, minutes, and hours. If you like deep-sea diving, this watch is rated 300 meters of water depth.

Submersible Azzurro – 42MM

If you think that the Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo is just too much for you, you still have other choices, such as the Submersible Azzurro 42MM. It’s more budget-friendly with a price tag of around $9,000 to $10,000; the Azzurro 42MM still has many features that you will definitely like. Besides, it’s still a Submersible after all.

Like its older brother, the Submersible Azzurro 42MM also uses the same automatic mechanical movement with the same P.900 caliber. It also features Incabloc, which means dropping this watch will not be a problem at all. It also has a date, small seconds, minutes, and hours functions. Also, the body case is made out of premium hard brushed steel.

Going to Azzurro’s bezel, it’s made of high-quality steel with an addition of ceramic rotating bezel plus an anti-clockwise feature. The back is just plain and simple; you’ll have some heavy-duty screws and steel that protect its interior mechanics. Like the Goldtech Orocarbo, it can also withstand a water depth of 300 meters, which is unbelievable since it’s cheaper.

Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu – 44MM

If you feel that the Submersible line isn’t your style, Panerai got you covered. Here’s the Luminor Maria Goldtech Sole Blu, which is not as expensive as the Submersible Goldtech Orocarbo, but not as cheap as the Azzurro. Its price sits between $22,000 to $23,000, which is already a perfect deal if you think of it.

The Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu is still using the same Automatic mechanical movement but uses a slightly different caliber, which is the P.9010. It has at least 31 jewels that you can find all around its body, which makes this watch very luxurious. Panerai also added the Incabloc feature that provides extra protection from hard impacts.

You’ll see a blue color sun-brushed dial with hour markers and Arabic numerals that illuminate in low light places in the front. At the back, you’ll have a very durable sapphire crystal, and it’s also see-through, which means you’ll be able to see the inside of the watch. It can also tackle water depths of up to 50 meters, which is fair enough.

Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve – 45MM

The Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve 45MM is another excellent contender from Panerai’s Luminor line of watches. With a price tag of $12,000, this luxury watch has all the bells and whistles that you are looking for in a particular luxury watch.

In the technical department, the Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve 45MM is an automatic movement, uses a P.4002 caliber, which is unique only to this watch alone. It also features Glucydur balance, KIF Parechoc, a power reserved of up to three days, and 31 jewels added around its body case.

It also has the same functions, just like other Panerai watches, such as date, seconds, minutes, and hours. There’s also an added function, the GMT, and 24-hour indicator; this is unique only to the Luminor Due GMT Power Reserve 45MM. Its bezel and body case is made of brushed and polished titanium, while a sapphire crystal covers the back.


If you’re looking for a brand of watch that offers extraordinary water dept resistance, prestige, elegance, high-quality build, and a watch that is full of features, then the Panerai has many luxury watches you can choose from. You can choose from its most affordable watches up to its most luxurious watches. You’ll never regret choosing Panerai.

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